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Fishing Line

Fishing line can mean the difference between you losing or landing that prized fish. Fishing experts around the world have spent years in developing new technologies that are going to give them an advantage while out fishing. 

Shimano have been looking for a fishing line company that can not only bring the level of excellence that they expect in a product, but also deliver a product that is truly innovative in the fishing line market. It is for this reason that Shimano purchased the well-known brand Power Pro and have since started to deliver a product that is worthy to be sold under the Shimano banner.

Power Pro is a braided fishing line company out of America and has been supplying the world with quality braided line for over 15 years and can offer consumers an incredibly smooth, round and high strength product. 

In recent times the engineers at Power Pro have looked deeper into the braided fishing line market and listened to anglers worldwide, an in turn developed the Super Slick range, an eight carrier braided fishing line designed specifically for casting lures. Power Pro Super Slick is silky smooth for casting and to be silent through the guides on retrieval, the colours also are designed for lure fishing applications whether it’s a hi-vis or natural stealth situation.

In addition to this Power Pro have also released Power Pro Depth Hunter, a coloured metered braided fishing line designed and made for essentially vertical fishing styles to help the angler get the lure and or bait right on the targets nose! There are 4 colours that change every 25 feet with a small black indicator every 5 feet for super accurate depth measurement, Depth Hunter is also applicable for trolling and measuring the distance the angler can set his lures from the boat, once again with accuracy, and once the fish of a lifetime is hooked, you can count on all the usual Power Pro attributes to give you the confidence to land that fish.