NEW Shimano Twin Power FD 2020

The Shimano Twin Power has a proud 30 year history. In 2020, the newly released Twin Power FD is equipped with a metal rotor that integrates Shimano’s Coresolid philosophy of quality and solidness. This is a feature that has been pursued for many years, engineered to suppress distortion and twisting of the reel body under load. 

Rigidity and durability of the frame has also been improved significantly, thanks to the metal Hagane Body. In addition, the metal rotor creates a stable winding feel that is comparable to the Stella range – the ultimate in smooth operation.  Micromodule Gear II is featured in the new Twin Power and ensures the gears align and perform with nominal resistance and minimal reel noise. Additionally, the Hagane Gear has been upgraded for added strength.

By combining Shimano’s water-repellent coating and specially designed, water channelling, labyrinth construction, X-Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation. By incorporating the new Long Stroke Spool design, casting performance has also been improved.

The new Twin Power is built on a legacy of dependability - a reel that anglers can use with confidence in any conditions.

Available in March 2020 | RRP: $729.95 to 749.95

Twin Power FD Models

  • Twin Power 1000 FD

    A finesse reel, designed for light lure casting for bream and trout using fluorocarbon or braid. Weighing 175g, the Twin Power 1000 FD matches perfectly with a 1-2kg or 1-3kg responsive graphite rod. Featuring 9+1 bearings, 5.1:1 gear ratio and a smooth felt drag system with 3kg of power.
    RRP: $729.95


  • Twin Power 2500 FD

    A great all-around size for estuary and river fishing that suits a braided line from 6lb to 10lb depending on the target species. Weighing 210g, the Twin Power 2500 FD matches perfectly with a 2-4kg, 2-5kg and 3-5kg responsive graphite rod. Featuring 9+1 bearings, 5.3:1 gear ratio and a smooth felt drag system with 9kg of power.
    RRP: $729.95


  • Twin Power Compact 3000 FD XG

    The Compact 3000 sizes feature the same body design as the 2500 size, however, the reel possesses a larger line capacity making it ideal to fish both estuary and inshore environments. Weighing 215g, the Twin Power C3000 FD XG matches perfectly with a range of rod ratings from 2-4kg to 3-6kg. Featuring 9+1 bearings, 6.4:1 gear ratio and a smooth felt drag system with 9kg of power.
    RRP: $729.95


  • Twin Power 4000 FD XG

    A 4000 size is ideal for a range of estuary and inshore environments, targeting jewfish right through to snapper. Weighing in at 260g and suited to using braided line from 15lb to 20lb and is designed to match rods in the 3-6kg up to 4-8kg line class. Featuring 9+1 bearings, a 6.2:1 gear ratio and a smooth felt drag system with 11kg of power.
    RRP: $749.95


  • Twin Power Compact 5000 XG

    The Compact 5000 size features the same body design as the 4000 size but with a deeper spool to provide larger line capacity and a power handle knob for targeting hard fighting species in estuary and inshore waters. Weighing 260g, the Twin Power 5000 FD XG matches perfectly with a range of rod ratings from 4-8kg to 5-10kg using up to 30lb braid. Featuring 9+1 bearings, 6.2:1 gear ratio and an upgraded Cross Carbon drag system with 11kg of power.
    RRP: $749.95



  • Old V New Twin Power

    Key feature comparison between the previous 15 Twin Power and the new 20 Twin Power FG



    Built using lightweight and rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium alloys. Designed to reduce deflection, distortion and twisting when under load and improve rotation.




    Micromodule gear II has evolved with the most advanced tooth surface design to create the ideal gear tooth shape. This reduces noise and creates smooth reeling.








    From the fundamental, whole body design to the most intricate parts of the drive train, including the drive gear, wormshaft, wormshaft pin and wormshaft gear, every piece has been carefully reviewed, and the smallest clearance gaps and wobbles have been eliminated to the highest tolerances.






    Hagane Gear has become the cornerstone of many of Shimano’s finest spinning reels. With Shimano’s own precision cold forging technology, the new Stradic, has improved gear durability and is equipped with a newly designed Hagane gear with equivalent strength to the upper model.




    The Hagane body is a lightweight metal body that suppresses impact under extreme loads and power loss due to deflection and twisting.





    The long stroke spool design improves casting performance when compared to the previous model due to the improved line flow from the spool.