Top 5 Murray Cod Tips

Murray cod are truly amazing and every angler deserves to target these incredible native fish. They are smart, they hit hard and will test your gear to the limits. Read on as I reveal my top 5 tips for targeting these special fish.

By Tallis Cotterill

1. Effort = Reward 

Over Australia Murray cod are known as the ultimate freshwater challenge! It’s a challenge many anglers take on and the final result can be so rewarding. Landing a Murray cod is so rewarding simply because these fish take a lot of effort. They do not get big from being dumb and it can take countless of trips, hours and casts to land an iconic Murray cod. These fish will feed almost all year round and you may finding yourself in many tough conditions for inconsistent results. It is the key to landing that fish of a lifetime. If the effort is put in the reward will be reached!

2. Find structure find fish

Murray cod love to ambush when feeding and the perfect spot for them to do that is thick in structure. Big logs, willow trees, twiggy trees and standing timber are all prime examples of perfect cod structure. If you want to draw a fish out you need to place your presentation right in that ambush slot. Structure can be found visually but also with a quality sounder. Particularly in summer, finding deep structure on a sounder can be a game changer. When river fishing its all about identifying the structure you can see and trying top imagine it underwater. In rivers they is so many possible ambush locations for cod. The more your lure is in the strike zone, the more success you will have. Cod will roam, but stick by the rule, if you find the structure you will fish the fish!

3. Good gear = Good results

When targeting Murray cod you may go countless of hours for one chance and you need to make it count. The big green fish hit hard and fight dirty. They will do anything to try crush your dreams. To stop this from happening you need good gear. Not only does good gear help you land these big fish, but it also makes the countless hours casting easy! Light rods, smooth braid and even the new Shimano Digital Control makes cod fishing simpler than ever. These big fish test your gear to the limits. My personal best Murray cod at 136cm was tamed by quality Shimano gear. The G Loomis IMX Swimbait rod matched with a Curado 200 gave me total confidence to land my fish of a lifetime.

4. Prime time is key

Similar to most fish, fishing the bite periods is the key to success. This is no different for goodoo! For myself the prime time for cod is first light and last light. Either side of these two periods can bring some insane native fishing. More recently I have been fishing into the night a lot more and am finding night time is becoming a consistent feeding time for these fish. Prime times will all change on the waterway you are fishing but remember to always fish the light changing periods and if possible give night time fishing a crack. It can be difficult, but I believe this is the time the monsters come out to play!

5. Imitate the bait

Lure choice can be a huge factor when casting for cod. These days there are so many options to pick from and they all have their time and a place. In dams and impoundments swimbaits and soft plastics are becoming the two go to lures due to their realistic look. With the water being so clear a lure imitating what the cod are feeding on is important. In rivers hardbodies and spinnerbaits are and have been the best for cod for many years. They are two very different presentations and there is a time and place for both of them. When river fishing I run two Shimano Zodias rods for the two lures. The lighter Zodias is matched with a Shimano Casitas 150 for flicking spinner baits close to visible structure. The heavier Zodias is matched with a Shimano Curado 200 for cranking bigger hardbodies searching for hidden structure. Most importantly, try and find what the cod are feeding on and if you can match there diet success won’t be too far away!

There are my top 5 tips for targeting Murray cod! Hope you have learnt something and it has everyone keen to go try to catch these green beasts!