Fishos are the original hoarders. When you add up all the little bits and pieces you’ve accumulated over the years it can be quite an overwhelming amount paraphernalia, from tiny bream lures, through to your most valued Shimano rods and reels, and everything in between!

Given you’ve shelled out your hard-earned dollars to purchase this veritable mountain of tackle, storing your gear and keeping it in prime shape should be a priority, as should having easy access to it in the field, or at home while preparing for a trip. Enter a range of practical storage solutions aimed at doing just that.

Introducing various tackle storage systems is the way to prolong the life of your gear, and increase its ease of use, which most serious anglers would agree is a necessity almost as important as the tackle itself! So how briefly to go about it?


Most anglers that partake in any land-based fishing, or ‘grab and go’ type efforts that don’t require a huge amount of gear, should have a backpack or two in their arsenal.

A more open compartment style backpack with plenty of room, like Shimano’s 25L Tackle Bag backpack, is ideal for a couple of smaller hard boxes, camera, food and general items, and will keep you mobile and your items well safe. If you’re after more significant storage and organisation of smaller items, yet still want to remain mobile, Shimano’s Tackle Backpack and Soft BackPack both accommodate sizable hard trays and have enough pockets and compartments for other items also. With a well-loaded backpack on you have a mobile tackle station at your disposal, which is a huge benefit and makes you self-sufficient no matter how far you’ve trekked into the wilds! 

More sizable waterproof bags, like the Shimano Banar Boat Bags for example, are ideal for shorter walks, or perfect for grabbing and putting in your boat or car. Given these are capable of holding much more gear, including hard boxes, they are also perfect for storing items at your house, or having them full of session specific tackle ready to roll for your next fishin’ mission. There’s been a significant shift towards the use of soft bags with hard boxes in them, over larger hard sided tackle boxes, mostly as you can remove boxes or just use the bag itself if required, making them quite versatile. Given they’re soft they’re also easy for loading into tight spaces if required.

Even large gear bags again, are perfect for bulky items like fighting belts and harnesses, jackets, lure wraps and boxes, and even dare we say it, clothes and other items when you’re not fishing! 


Smaller storage options will really add to your on-water experience, and in many situations actually help you catch more fish by providing clear organisation of nitty-gritty items, and the necessary tackle at your fingertips when you need it most. Shimano’s Soft Plastic Wallet, Travel Wrap and Tackle Wallet are perfect examples of smaller storage cases that you can have on hand to make re-rigging or quick lure changes a piece of cake when you’re on location and potentially in the middle of a hot bite. For example you may be flicking lures from the bank for bream and need a change of lure, and having say the Travel Wrap on hand could see you have a nice little selection of hardbody lures in the hard case and soft plastics in the sleeves, to go with jigheads and tools for the job also, all in a compact case. The sleeves for soft plastics can also be used for pre-made rigs, so if you’re in the middle of a frantic whiting bite and need to re-rig they will get you back in the game in no time!

There are also species specific storage systems on offer, with squid fishos well catered for with cases for jigs and accessories such as trace and snips. Shimano have both the Sephia Egi Pouch and Egi Case that are convenient to carry when you’re next chasing squid.


Lure wraps are well-known for their ability to keep your prized lure collection accessible and secure, and Shimano’s Game Lure Wrap offers all of these benefits and more. They are perfect for larger lures, from stickbaits, divers through to poppers, and tuna and marlin skirts. They save a lot of lot of wear and tear on your lures from needless knocks, and keep them separated and tangle free so you can clip them on and get in the water fast. It’s not all about offshore sessions with lure wraps, as even for beach efforts while throwing larger lures they’re perfect and the mesh design allows them to be hosed down at the end of the session, keeping your lures in perfect working order

Dedicated jig bags, such as Shimano’s Jig Case, are designed to store a range of jig types and sizes, they keep them well separated limiting wear, and are easy to remove in a hurry as needed. They also make it easy to carry weighty jigs around and are vital kit for serious jiggers.


Finally, when your rods are in transit a hard rod tube such as Shimano’s Rod Tubes are the preferred way to transport them, and keep it looking good cosmetically and prevent more serious damage. Likewise reels should at least have a cloth cover on them to limit scratches and knocks, but ideally thicker neoprene covers are preferred. If you want your reel looking and working perfectly each and every time, a decent cover is a cheap investment that will go a long way to achieving this and keep them on as much as possible!

Overall, gear storage is worth the effort. If you can fish longer and harder, and not have to untangle a mess every time you dive your hand into your tackle bag, or potentially use gear that is damaged and not functioning 100%, then there’s a lot of clear positives to it!