Summer Holiday Fishing

By Jamie Crawford

We’re fast approaching the peak summer holiday period which will see a multitude of people in and on the water right around our country. A lot of people have time off work at this time of year, and it’s a great time of year to be on holidays. It’s an Australian tradition to spend time along the coast during the summer months, with fishing being high on the agenda.

I really enjoy fishing during the summer period – long, warm days, fishing with family – but there is a lot of fishing pressure at this time of year so to maximise your chances of success here are a few tips. 

1.       Fish early. The early bird catches the worm! If you get on the water before sunrise and fish the morning period, you’ll beat most of the crowds, you’ll coincide with prime fishing time and in a lot of seaside locations you’ll miss the afternoon sea breeze. In summer we hit the water early whenever we can. And when you go early you don’t have the line-up at the ramp as well as the added pressure of boats on the water. Quite often we’ll be retrieving at 9am after a morning session, and this is when a lot of the holiday-crowds are preparing to launch.

2.       Make a game plan. Summer is busy with additional fishers on the water, but it’s also a difficult time to fish with generally cleaner water and in my local area, smaller tides. It pays to have a game plan to execute for the day. If spot X doesn’t fire, move to spot Y. If the wind comes up plan to move to spot Z and so on. Having a plan in your head – and sticking to it – is a good idea.

3.       Preparation. Spend time preparing for the session the night or day before your time on the water. Have rods rigged if possible, have lures ready to go, bait rigs tied, and basically have your equipment ready to go. I even load the esky the night before with bait and berley so in the morning all we need to do is have a coffee and hit the road. Preparing as much as you can will give you less down-time on the water should you stumble across some good fish.

4.       Servicing. This can come under preparation to a degree, but service your reels, check your boat trailer and safety equipment before the peak summer period. It’s a good idea to have your boat motor serviced before the summer holidays too. If you have a break-down over the summer holidays it can be mighty expensive and somewhat difficult to call out a marine mechanic.

These are just a couple of tips to help you on the water this summer. Enjoy the summer holidays and we hope you get into a few good fish.