APRIL 2019

This detailed, region-by-region breakdown of the very best seasonal fishing opportunities available right around Australia is based on Starlo’s lifetime of fishing experience. It is intended to help you better organise your angling year and your travel plans in order to improve the chances of fishing success. However, please understand that this calendar is intended as a guide only. Seasonal and regional variations to the underlying patterns described are common. Furthermore, remember that rules, regulations and the dates prescribed for seasonal closures DO change, not only from one jurisdiction to another, but with the passage of time. Check the current regulations BEFORE you go fishing! Read on below to learn more about the fishing on offer in your region this month!


Offshore waters are cooling now, but many pelagic species remain present. A great month for yellowfin tuna and albacore. Kingfish are present in many inshore waters, along with tropical mackerel (Spanish and spotted) north of Port Macquarie. 

Excellent surf fishing for bream, tailor and salmon. All species, including jewfish, are active in estuaries, where mullet are massing for their annual migration to sea. Bass and estuary perch now begin to drop downstream.


This is usually the most stable month for weather along the southern seaboard. Some good snapper fishing continues, with fewer but larger fish often present. Southern bluefin tuna numbers also begin to increase, typically moving from west to east.

Big kingfish and samsons are available offshore in some mainland areas. Surf fishing for salmon is becoming more predictable on the ocean beaches. Crab numbers are diminishing in the South Australian Gulfs.


Tailor numbers are dropping, but their size is up. Snapper are being caught on inshore reefs.    

Dhufish, samson fish and kingfish are becoming more common inshore. Salmon schools pushing west and then north, and there are also some large mulloway on the beaches. Mid-west coast fishing is good for both boat and shore fishers. Ballooning for mackerel becomes viable in offshore winds.


April usually sees the peak of the run-off period, and with it some of the year’s best barra fishing action.    

There are also some big black jewfish, threadfin and fingermark (golden snapper) to be had in the salt.


Murray cod and golden perch are feeding more actively now, and there’s some great trout fishing available in streams and lakes.

By the end of the month, many brown trout have begun to “colour up” and move upstream or into tributaries prior to their main spawning run in May and June.

First Sunday in APRIL: Daylight Saving ends in NSW, VIC, TAS and SA

EASTER: First Sunday following a full moon on or after 21 March

Last Sunday in APRIL: Trout fishing season CLOSES in most Tasmanian waters