NEW Saltie Rods 2020

The new Saltie rod series has been designed and developed for Australia’s northern species.  Built tough, the Saltie range includes two spin and four baitcast models with varying actions to suit a range of lure fishing styles. Traditional 5’8” and 6’ baitcast rods popular for barramundi are complemented by longer 6’4” and 7’ models, designed for casting large soft plastics and swimbaits. 

Saltie blanks are made with Shimano’s TC4 layered graphite construction, which is highly durable and enables great lure action and control. The TC4 construction also reduces rod twist, increases sensitivity and feel, and offers impressive power and fighting performance in a lightweight package. The Saltie range features a durable matte green finish, custom shaped premium grade cork grips and Fuji K guides with Alconite inserts. A larger diameter guide train has also been used to accommodate the use of thick leader, which is often required to wrestle big fish out of structure. The Saltie range is designed for your next northern adventure.

Available in March 2020 | RRP: $329.95

20SLT641SP - Saltie 6’4” Heavy 10-20lb Spin

Tried and tested length for a range of northern fishing styles with a casting weight of 5 to 28g, making this ideal for casting weedless plastics, vibes and hardbody lures. 

20SLT701SP - Saltie 7’0” Medium 8-15lb Spin

Longer rods up north are becoming more popular with anglers looking to make longer casts across flats and get more action out of their lures weighing 5 to 21g.

Models are best matched with a 4000 or C5000 Shimano spinning reel.

20SLT581BC - Saltie 5’8” Medium 10-20lb Baitcast

The shortest model available in the range and is suited to cast 7 to 21g lures. Ideal for those who like to fish tight amongst the snags.

20SLT601BC - Saltie 6’0” Heavy 12-20lb Baitcast

A great no-nonsense allrounder that you can cast and troll all day with, suited to lures weighing 11 to 38g. 

20SLT641BC - Saltie 6’4” 10-20lb Medium Baitcast

A few extra inches has been added to give anglers a bit more versatility and extra casting distance. Suited to a range of lure types weighing 11 to 38g.

20SLT701BC - Saltie 7’0” Extra Heavy Baitcast

The longest baitcast model in the range designed for anglers making big searching casts with heavier lures weighing 14g to 42g.

Models are best matched to a 150 or 200 sized Shimano baitcaster.