NEW 2019 Shimano Grappler

The new Grappler 2019 series are the next generation offshore JDM rods, equipped to battle with the largest offshore predators.

This upgraded series now features both Spiral X and Hi-Power X blank technology to enhance power, strength and durability. With 19 dedicated Type J (Jigging) and Type C (Casting) models that are PE rated from PE 2.5 to PE 8, there is a wide range of options to suit Australian anglers.

The patented high-strength Spiral X enhances torsional and compression rigidity under load without adding extra weight to the blank, providing instant power transmission for precise casting and control over fish. The Hi-Power technology further reinforces structure which enhances the torsional resistance further and creates the optimum balance between lightweight, strength and control. On top of this they also feature Fuji reel seats and Fuji K Guides with SiC tips, and specially tapered grip designs.

Whether it be heavy kingfish jigging or topwater GT casting, the rods have been tested in the harshest of offshore environments around the world, resulting in a line-up that is capable of grappling with the strongest of ocean predators.

Type J (Jigging): $429.95
Type C (Casting): $499.95



    Removes twist and increases rod performance from inside. Increases rod performance by overcoming blank twist and torsions.

    Spiral X rods are designed to have better twisting, crushing and flexing resistance compared to traditional carbon sheet blanks. Featuring a unique method which employs carbon tape instead of carbon sheets, this allows Shimano engineers to develop fishing rod blanks that are built lighter and stronger and specifically tuned for various applications.


    Hi-Power X provides accuracy in rod action through strength. It provides an ideally accurate rod curve.

    Hi-Power X prevents rods from twisting when casting and fighting by tightening up Spiral X construction or traditional rod construction with spiralled X-Shaped Infinity carbon tape. Hi-Power X enables a quickness and sharpness in rod action, producing the best blank performance.