Kicking off 2022 is a host of new additions to the Shimano range in Australia. With light jigging becoming more popular, we have the Grappler and Genpu XT which are compact and designed for vertical styles of fishing. We also see the newly updated Catana which is an affordable performance spinning reel. It features a new body design which is lighter and has an extra ball bearing than its predecessor. Lastly, extending the Tekota range of overhead reels is the 800 size which is a large capacity reel designed for a range of offshore fishing styles. Over the coming months we will see these great new reels available in tackle stores, so keep an eye out!

The new Stella features the following major technology upgrades for 2022. Infinity Cross achieves overwhelming gear durability through a revised drive and pinion gear design with improved surface area contact and meshing. Infinity Loop creates a precise winding pattern which drastically reduces friction as line leaves the spool, resulting in exceptional casting performance. Infinity Drive greatly decreases frictional resistance, increasing power transmission and torque when winding under heavy loads. An Anti-Twist Fin has been installed near the line roller to maintain line tension and prevent line wrapping around the spool in an uneven manner. While Dura Cross, a revolutionary new drag washer design, provides a substantial increase in durability while providing smooth consistent drag performance.

In addition to this, the Stella still continues to feature the super durable cold forged Hagane Gear, Micromodule II gearing, Silent Drive and X-Ship for smooth transmission and light winding. To ensure on water performance X Protect water resistant technology still features and the Long Stroke Spool design provides maximum casting performance.

Building on the highly popular Grappler range of tackle in the Shimano range is the new dedicated light jigging reel. These reels are a compact 300 size which fits nicely into the palm of your hand which is important when working a jig and keeping control of your line.

Powered by the Micro Module Gear and X-Ship system, the reel offers super smooth winding. By using the aluminium Hagane Body construction, the Grappler remains rigid under load, giving you the confidence to fish it hard. Outputting up to 7kg of drag, this is impressive for a reel of this size and gives you the ability to turn a fish’s head. A High Gear ratio of 6.2:1 makes it perfect micro jigs of varying styles, but we have also found this versatile enough to fish the bottom with baits in deeper water also. The Grappler also features a specially designed handle that is fitted with a CI4+ power knob for better leverage and control which gives you the advantage when fighting a fish. 

Within the Shimano rod range, we would match this reel with models from the Grappler BB  range - 21GRPBBSJB662, 21GRPBBSJB662. Also the Jewel 21JL6101BUKU and 21JL661SLOW, along with the Maikuro II 20MK662OHSJ are suitable pair ups.


New to our expanding light jigging reel range is the Genpu XT. This is designed specifically for vertical fishing styles, whether it be micro jigging or even bait fishing. Large overheads still have their place on the boat, however the Genpu XT offers a more compact design which fits comfortably in your hand and maximises your fun when fishing. Fitted to the 200 size is a Ci4+ handle knob which provides great grip and control when winding, the 150 size has a double paddle knob. Fitted with 3+1 S A-RB bearings, the reel is smooth and has great bearing durability. With a 150 and 200PG size available, these are suited to fish up to PE2 line. Within the Shimano rod range, there is a number of suitable light overhead rods like the Jewel 21JL6101BUKU and 21JL661SLOW, along with the Maikuro II 20MK662OHSJ which balance great with the Genpu XT reels.

The Catana has been revamped for 2022 with a new body design and cosmetic. This reel is designed for anglers who are looking for a high-quality reel at a reasonable cost. There are four reels in the re-launched Catana range, from 1000 to 4000 sizes. The 2500, C3000, and 4000 sizes have a high gear retrieve ratio from 5.8 to 6.2:1 thanks to the presence of zinc DC gears. Perfect for freshwater, estuary and light offshore applications, the larger reels can produce up to 8.5kg of drag power. The Catana FE also features Shimano's G-Free Body and Propulsion Line Management System for all-day comfort and trouble-free casting. They come with an additional ball bearing taking it to 3+1, so it’s smooth sailing all the way with these value packed reels.

The Tekota 800 expands upon the existing 500 and 600 sizes in the range. This large capacity model can soak up 750m of 80lb Power Pro which will give you plenty of cover when fishing the deep. The reel features an aluminium Hagane Body and the S-Compact Body design, making the Tekota more comfortable and tougher than ever. The addition of CoreProtect, provides extra protection against saltwater intrusion through water repellent seals. By increasing the gear diameter, strength has been improved by 50% when compared to the previous models.