Hervey Bay's Juvenile Black Marlins

By Jacks Boric

Hervey bays famous run of juvinile black marlin is hopefully approaching and many of us keen fishos will be making the trek across the bay to hopefully snag one of these beautiful fish in the gin clear shallows. Marlin congregate in the N.W Coral Sea, in the Cairns - Lizard Island region off north Queensland to spawn between September and December. In association with the southward progression of the East Australian Current (EAC), a southward-directed migration of one to two year-old fish from northern Queensland to central NSW starts to occur at this time of year.

Marlin can live for up to 25 years of age and grow to a length of 4.65m and weight of 750 kg so this is obviously their first migration and we need to look after our baby blacks. They are full of beans and will literally fight to the death so ultra light tackle isn't actually the best idea to target these fish with. Tackle around the 20-30lb mark is a good idea as it gives you the power to get the fish in and released as quick as possible. Removing the fish from the water is a bad idea and over handling can take their protective slime off easier then you may think. Swimming the fish into the beach at around 1-2 knots will steadily flow water over the gills and not push water into a tiered fishes stomach, reviving these delicate little guys can take anywhere up to 50 minutes and should take place in the shallows because an exhausted marlin will head dive to the bottom and drown due to lack of water flow over the gills but you can't see this happen at depth. So we at Shimano respectfully ask everyone to take all this into consideration before heading out to try your luck.