How to catch kingfish

Yellowtail Kingfish, scientific name the Seriola lalandi is a fish most anglers dream of catching. 

There are many ways in targeting Kingfish from using a wide variety of baits to lures. Although debatable, 
Kingfish can be one of the hardest fish to land, as it is commonly known to make a run to the rocks or anything sharp to bust you off as soon as you hookup. 

Due to this, strong gear is an essential when chasing after this pelagic species. 

Shimano offers a large range of suitable fishing reels such as the larger Biomaster, Baitrunner, Saragosa and the Stella series to name a few. These spinning reels are perfect to throw around lures in attempting to hook up that Kingfish. 

Some of the proven Shimano lures, which the Kingfish cannot resist, are the waxwing and Ocea Pencil Baits. 
However, having the right reel and lure is only halfway in achieving the catch that will stay in your memory forever. 
A decent rod is as important as a solid reel. 

Some combo’s you would want to try out for Kingfish are:

701 Taipan spin medium or heavy rod with a Socorro 6000 to 8000 range
Raider Snapper Heavy rod with a Straidic or Sustain 4000 reel
Revolution 702 5-10kg rod with a Stradic 5000 reel
Terez 6’6 range rod with a Stella FJ reel

Tips for catching Kingfish

  • When downrigging for kingfish, once the fish is hooked, to take the boat out and basically drag the fish into the open waters in order to avoid getting reefed.
  • Using live bait increases the chances of more hook-ups. Try catching some live squid, yakkas (yellowtail horse mackerel) and slimy mackerel. 

    Make sure that the drag is done tight, and you’re ready to hold on!