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Fishing Bags and Accessories

Shimano brings you a whole range of fishing accessories to make fishing easier. Whether you require a new set of pliers, a new fishing knife, a new fishing tackle bag, or some handy fishing tackle accessories, we have everything you need to get you out on the water sooner. 

Our range of pliers, tools and knives will cover all your fishing requirements. From removing hooks or split rings, sharpening your hooks or filleting your prized catch with our stainless steel knife range, everything is taken care of.

For all you tackle storage needs such as Tackle bags, egi lure cases or gear bags we have you covered. Check out our range of tackle storage solutions, featuring the Baltica series which come pre packed with Shimano tackle boxes or the Tropical Tackle System bags which are fully insulated with waterproof zippers.

Look after your catch in the finest of fashion with the knotless Environet and Bragmat products. These superior designs by the late Dave Irvine don’t damage the mucus layer or fins of your catch and can the fish be released after a few happy snaps without harm.