Shimano Fishing Australia

Shimano offers the most innovative fishing reels, rods and accessories in Australia and throughout the world. With the leading engineering technologies since 1921, Shimano produces the highest quality fishing products on the market. With a product range including the most advanced reels, rods, accessories, apparel, lures and more, we provide professional and recreational fisherman with everything you need for a weekend fishing trip and beyond.

Shimano fishing rods and fishing reels come in a wide range of choices to suit any style of fishing and at any price budget. Shimano offers the best selection of the most durable fishing rods and reels on the market. With models designed in Australia, by experienced Australian anglers, who know exactly what is required when targeting the local species.  There is also a range of high end JDM rod series featuring exclusive Shimano technology which have been designed in Japan and handpicked to suit our speices and fishing styles.

We also offer a full range of fishing gear, accessories and apparel to suit the needs of any professional or recreational angler. Our product line provides fisherman with the essential tools and outerwear to make any fishing trip a success. From tackle bags, fishing line, lures, knives and tools, we are able to cover all of your fishing equipment needs. Our apparel is also quickly becoming an essential part of every fisherman’s kit. Shimano’s fishing clothing range reflects the casual trends of Aussie fisherman but also includes the advanced, and Australian designed, technical features that are essential in fishing clothing these days.

For fisherman in Australia looking to gain the leading edge in professional and recreational fishing, Shimano is the go to manufacturer of the best fishing equipment in the world.