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Travel Rods

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Quick View tcurve_revolution_travel_v1_m56577569830879760.png Tcurve Revolution Travel Rods

For travelling bluewater fishos, Shimano's Revolution Travel Offshore rods mean you'll never be caught without the right tool for the job if a fishing opportunity arises, and are capable of matching it with anything from snapper to marlin.

Quick View tcurve_revolution_inshore_travel_v1_m56577569830879759.png Tcurve Revolution Inshore Travel Rods

The TCurve Revolution Inshore Travel series consists of six travel rod designs suited to a wide range of fishing applications. Each rod breaks down to three or four pieces, so they take up little space.

Quick View raider_travel_inshore_v1_m56577569830877566.png Raider Travel Inshore Rods

These six compact travel rods, part of the growing Raider family, were created to provide anglers with a light, yet durable rod at a great price. With models to suit a wide range of fishing applications, you'll now never travel anywhere unprepared.

Quick View eclipse_v1_m56577569830877565.png Eclipse Travel Rods

The Eclipse range of travel rods are perfect for the fisho on the move. All models are telescopic, so they collapse down to be easily carried, and come with a zip-up carry bag for easy storage.

Travel Rods

Travelling and still want to fish?

Keen Aussie fishos love to wet a line whenever and wherever they can, and most can’t drive over a bridge without instinctively noting where the best sandbanks lie, or fly in a plane without staring out the window examining every coastal inlet and assessing its fishing potential. Unfortunately, the dreaded ‘family’ holiday, as opposed to the much-preferred family ‘fishing’ holiday, means we aren’t allowed to take much (or any) fishing gear with us.

Similarly, if it’s a business trip, it’s never a good look to turn up with more tackle boxes and rod tubes than briefcases and laptops! There’s usually room for a handline, but its applications are pretty limited.

Travel rods that break down into a number of pieces have long been the answer, but the quality has usually left a lot to be desired. Fortunately, Shimano’s TCurve Revolution Travel rods and Raider II Travel Rods are in three pieces for ease of storage and transport, and thanks to an innovative ferruling system, it really is hard to separate their actions from one-piece rods. The medium to fast-actioned TC3 and graphite blanks are complemented by quality fittings that keep the rods light yet durable, and covers fishing styles from light estuary spinning through to light surf and rock, and even medium tackle game fishing. A three piece travel game fishing rod — now that has to be a world first.

A small tackle box with some lures and terminal tackle, a reel hidden in amongst the clothes and you’re good to go!

Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism has less free-stroke and 25% greater lever input to suit more aggressive riding.