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Jigging Rods

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Quick View tcurve_deep_jig_v1_m56577569830877445.png Tcurve Deep Jig Rods

This legendary jigging series has been given a refresh for the coming season, with the addition of an exciting new spin model that fills a gap in the lineup.

Quick View ocea_offshore_v1_m56577569830877444.png Ocea Offshore Jigging Rods

The latest in Shimano's flagship range of rods feature three new models specifically designed for jig fishing. All come with Alps reel seats, K series guides, and are constructed from the best TC4 blanks.

Quick View tcurve_revolution_offshore_v1_m56577569830877446.png Tcurve Revolution Offshore Jigging Rods

Shimano's TCurve Revolution Offshore Jig offers jigging anglers a hard-wearing, resilient rod with quality construction. It can handle up to 27 kilos of drag, so it is sure to be able to handle any amount of monstrous kings, tuna and trevally.

Quick View tcurve_revolution_vertical_v1_m56577569830877447.png Tcurve Revolution Vertical Rods

Jigging can take on many forms. The lure styles can vary markedly, as can the way in which they are worked. Recognising this, Shimano came up with the TCurve Vertical series of seven rods.

Quick View anarchy_v1_m56577569830903175.png Anarchy Jigging Rods

Jigging Rods

Many years ago, deepwater jigging was all about yellowtail kingfish, but jigging’s most recent incarnation has seen the technique expand its target list to include a variety of different species, some of which you wouldn’t necessarily think were jig eaters. 

Coral trout, bass groper, hapuka, dogtooth tuna, wahoo, albacore — they’ve all joined the Seriola family and others like cobia and giant trevally in smashing heavy metal at any given opportunity. Shimano’s technological advances in their range of rods, reels, braided lines and lures has also made jigging somewhat more enjoyable than it once was. A big king, dogtooth tuna or giant trevally will still test you out though, and the ‘strong in the back but weak in the head’ requirement still applies even today.

With their TC3 blanks, Fuji reel seats, Fuji SiC guides and custom-shaped EVA fighting handgrips, the Ian Miller-designed TCurve Deep Jig spin and overhead rods set the standard for off-the-shelf jigging sticks and remain steadfast performers to this day. Their medium to extra fast actioned blanks are the right taper for working jigs, but retain plenty of guts in reserve to keep the target species away from line-shredding reefs and wrecks.

These Deep Jig rods have now been joined by 11 new TCurve Revolution Vertical Jigging rods. These have Pacific Bay componentry, Zirconium ring guides, EVA grips and split butt configurations, and are designed for use with metal jigs as well as more subtle slow-jigging approaches with lures like Shimano’s Lucanus and Bottom Ship.

Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism has less free-stroke and 25% greater lever input to suit more aggressive riding.