Twin Power Spinning Reels

Shimano’s legendary Twin Power reels are back — stronger and faster than before, with more features as well. There are five reels at the light end of the spectrum, suitable from micro lure work through to offshore snapper, as well as a large-spool small-body compact that really packs some punch. The Hagane Body is a new concept, where the highly rigid metal reel’s stiffness and impact resistance virtually eliminates body flexing. The Hagane Gear though, is the heart of the reel, whereby Shimano’s exclusive cold forged technology provides smoother gear meshing while under load, as well as higher power, which translates to a smoother, more efficient reel for the angler to use. G-Free Body Technology is another plus, where the reel’s centre of gravity has been moved close to the rod, which means less fatigue when casting and winding for long periods. Each reel is loaded up with no fewer than nine SA-RB bearings and one roller bearing, and gear ratios ranging from 4.3:1 for the baby 1000PGS through to the 5.8:1 for the 4000HG, means they can cover a number of different fishing applications with ease.
  • bearings_v1_m56577569830879899.png 9+1
  • cast_rating_v1_m56577569830879900.png Moderate to high Cast Rating
  • crank_power_v1_m56577569830888801.png High Crank Power rating
  • drag_power_range_v1_m56577569830879902.png 3-11 Drag Power range (kg)
  • drag_type_v1_m56577569830888802.png Front Drag
  • key_feature_v1_m56577569830879903.png Hagane Concept
  • Retrieve_range_v1_m56577569830879904.png 57-93 Retrieve range (cm)



Product Specs

Series Twin Power
Family Type Spinning
Size options 5
Key Feature Hagane Concept
Bearings 6+1
Warranty 10 Year
Drag Range 3-11Drag Power range (kg)
Retrieve Per Crank Range 57-93 Retrieve range (cm)

Product Code Description Gear Ratio Bearings Drag Power (Kg) Mono Capacity (kg/m) Braid Capacity (Kg/m) Weight (g)
TP1000PGS Twin Power 1000PGS 4.3:1 9+1 3 1/170 /115 195
TP2000CS Twin Power Compact 2000S 5.0:1 9+1 3 2/85 4/105 195
TP2500S Twin Power 2500S 5.2:1 9+1 4 4/115 8/120 240
TP4000HG Twin Power 4000HG 5.8:1 9+1 11 8/240 15/280 290
TP3000HGM Twin Power 3000HGM 5.8:1 9+1 9 6/230 10/200 265