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Quick View stella_fi_v1_m56577569830889067.png Stella FI

If last year’s flagship Stella SW series were designed to take on the bash and crash of the bluewater world, then the Stella FI series is more about finesse, making them perfect for light line applications in both fresh and salt water, from inland lakes to the coast.

Quick View twinpower_xd_sml_v1_m56577569831036102.png Twinpower XD

In Shimano'spursuit of the ultimate in durability and performance, the Twin Power XD has been born and set a new benchmark for Saltwater spinning reels.

Quick View stradic_ci4p_fb_v1_m56577569831024292.png Stradic Ci4 FB

The totally re-vamped Stradic CI4+FB is a significant improvement over the previous range. Weight has been reduced by 5 grams or more, while other operational features have been improved to further reduce the feel of weight.

Quick View ultegra_spin_v1_m56577569831036101.png Ultegra FB

The Ultegra family of reels has long been a cornerstone of the Shimano product range globally. In 2017, the Australian market will see the awaited introduction of the Ultegra FB series, designed and built with inspired performance in mind.

Quick View stradic_fk_v1_m56577569830985188.png Stradic FK

Shimano’s enduring Stradic spin reel series have been enhanced by the inclusion of Hagane Body and Hagane Gears, which compliments the G Free Body design for better all-round performance.

Quick View sustain_fg_v1_m56577569830877237.png Sustain FG

Shimano's Sustain range fits into Shimano's higher end of spinning reels and features a stylish gunmetal black and chrome finish. The reels feature Magnumlite rotors, which reduces their weight for easy use and longer casting.

Quick View nasci_v1_m56577569831024303.png Nasci

The all-new Nasci spin reel lineup covers a number of light to medium line class situations for fishing in freshwater environments, to estuaries and even offshore.

Quick View sedona_fi_sml_v1_m56577569831049216.png Sedona FI

Drawing upon the benefits of Shimano’s market leading technologies and finished in stunning silver and gold cosmetics, the Sedona FI represents exception value at a price point that is accessible to all anglers.

Quick View sedona_fe_v1_m56577569830984895.png Sedona FE

The Sedona FE series are up spec’d version of a Shimano classic, featuring Compact Body, VariSpeed II, and the Propulsion Line Management System working in synch with an AR-C Spool.

Quick View sienna_fe_v1_m56577569831013460.png Sienna FE

The Sienna FE series raises the standard in entry-level reels and takes an inexperienced angler to new levels of fishing performance and ability.

Quick View cazna_fa_v1_m56577569830877224.png Cazna FA

Shimano Cazna front drag series are quality spinning reels at an affordable price. They are smooth performers, ideal for use with Power Pro braided line.

Quick View hyperloop_fb_v1_m56577569830877227.png Hyperloop FB

The Hyperloop FB spin reel is true value for money, and offers features rarely found in this price range.

Spinning reels are now the most popular choice amongst fisherman in Australia and Shimano Australia has been supplying top quality spinning reels for over 30 years. This year’s range includes a number of exciting releases that are sure to become favourites among spin fishing fans. Shimano’s size their spinning reels from smaller 1000 models right through to larger 4000 or 5000 sizes, which means that they are able to cover a vast range of targeted species. For example there are models for bream fishing, bass fishing, and saltwater river fishing right through to larger offshore fishing sizes that are more suited for species like snapper or kingfish.

Spin fisherman are continually trying to find an advantage over their scaly foe and Shimano are always looking for ways to improve the fishing experience to give anglers that extra edge needed to land that prized catch. With lure casting becoming ever so popular, Shimano developers saw the need for a light but extremely strong spin reel that could handle the rigors of Australian conditions. Enter the new CI4 bodied range of reels that offer anglers a Carbon infused graphite reel which is extremely light and very strong, allowing for hours of fighting tough, hard pulling fish.

Shimano has always been a leader when it comes to spinning reels and with the latest series of technological advances in their spinning reel models that trend looks set to continue. One recent innovation, X-Ship, not only creates a smoother and flawless retrieve, but also provides the angler with much more power when fighting fish. Shimano engineers are continually improving on the quality construction and componentry of their reels, which will keep them well ahead of their spinning reel competitors for years to come.