Saltwater Spinning Reels to Catch Larger Game Fish
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Saltwater Spinning Reels

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Quick View stella_swb_v1_m56577569830877300.png Stella SWB

The Stella SWB series has completely redefined what spin reels are capable of. No longer a reel for medium impact coastal and inshore fishing, the modern generation Stellas have the ability to tackle the largest bluewater game fish on the planet.

Quick View twinpower_sw_v1_m56577569830985182.png Twin Power SW

Hagane Body and Hagane Gears, an increased number of bearings, and heavy drag capabilities, have made the Twin Power spin reels must-haves for the elite saltwater angler.

Quick View biomaster_swa_v1_m56577569830877288.png Biomaster SWA

A combination of a hybrid body, a choice of gear options depending on the style of fishing they are to be used for, plus a wealth of other features makes the latest Biomaster SWAs a no-nonsense, utterly dependable reel range.

Quick View saragosa_sw_v1_m56577569830877292.png Saragosa

Shimano's Saragosa reels offer anglers a saltwater series that can handle larger offshore species, while coping with the punishment of regular saltwater use.

Quick View socorro_sw_v1_m56577569831013456.png Socorro SW

The versatile Socorro SW reel targets the near shore- and offshore angler fishing for multiple species using bait, lure, and jig

Quick View stradic_fk_v1_m56577569830985188.png Stradic FK

Much like its lighter models the enduring 5000 Compact Stradic spin reel series have been enhanced by the inclusion of Hagane Body and Hagane Gears, which compliments the G Free Body design for better all-round performance in saltwater conditions.

Quick View spheros_sw_v1_m56577569830903083.png Spheros SW

The new Spheros is a whole lot prettier than it's predecessor, but at the heart remains a gutsy, no-nonsense reel.

Saltwater Spinning Reels

Saltwater and offshore fishing is growing in popularity each year, with many anglers wanting to land those large heavy fighting saltwater reef and bluewater species. This has led to a need to for saltwater spinning reels that have a drag system tough enough for any offshore species, including traditionally larger game fish like Tuna and Marlin. Shimano’s series of offshore fishing reels not only provide anglers with reels that could pull in a small sperm whale, but also with reels that are designed specifically for regular saltwater conditions and heavy use. 

Offshore saltwater fishing experts will testify that the latest range of saltwater reels designed from Shimano contains some of the most advanced drag systems on the market. This makes these reels the perfect weapon when snapper fishing, tuna fishing, fishing for kingfish or simply sitting on the reef fishing for sharks. 

With more fishermen exposing their fishing reels to harsh saltwater conditions, offshore fishing reels needed to be extremely durable and resistant to constant saltwater use. This led Shimano’s engineers to come up with an anti-corrosion treatment that is more impervious to harshness of Mother Nature. Combined with an already ready impressive water proof drag system and Shielded A-RB bearings and Shimano are now producing some of the toughest and most efficient saltwater fishing reels on the market.