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Quick View tranx_v1_m56577569830877171.png Tranx

With a design based around a low profile baitcaster, the Tranx range of reels are designed for use with braid, making them perfect for targeting large snapper or pelagic species.

Quick View trinidad_a_v1_m56577569830877172.png Trinidad A

For multi-skilled anglers who cast, jig, troll or live bait, there are no better performing star drag overheads on the market than the Shimano Trinidads.

Quick View torium_a_v1_m56577569830942190.png Torium A

The lightweight Torium is a solidly-built star-drag saltwater reel perfect for live bait or bottom-fishing applications. Packed with features like Super Stopper, Cross Carbon Drag, A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings) and High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), the Torium has it where it counts.

Quick View tld_v1_m56577569830877169.png TLD

Shimano's TLDs are an iconic range of overhead reels. They are perfect for fishos who are seeking tough reels for chasing larger reef or light game species.

Quick View tekota_v1_m56577569830877168.png Tekota

The Shimano Tekota range of levelwind reels offer a range of impressive features including a cold forged spool, a Dartanium drag system and a precision star click drag, all within a strong one-piece diecast aluminium frame.

Quick View tr_ld_v1_m56577569830877173.png TR 2000 LD

Shimano's TR2000LD is a tough, uncompromising offshore reel, complete with levelwinds and lever drags, making it ideal for anglers inexperienced with overheads.

Quick View tr200g_v1_m56577569830879677.png TR 200 G

The Shimano TR200G offers a levelwind, a corrosion-resistant XT7 frame and a star drag. This reel is ideally suited to trolling, live and dead baiting, and is equally at home on a boat or land-based.

Quick View torsa_v1_m56577569830877152.png Torsa

The Shimano Torsa series demonstrates the innovative thinking of the Shimano engineering team. Each model offers a unique, interchangeable drag cam system that allows game fishermen to utilise a number of different drag settings on the same reel. The range comes in four sizes, which are great for targeting smaller pelagic species right up to marlin.

Overhead reels

Whether it’s distance casting capability, line capacity, retrieve speed or just all-round versatility, Shimano have an overhead reel to cover any offshore fishing situation, from inshore snapper fishing to light game.

When fishing at anchor, one of many advantages of an overhead reel is to allow a fish to run with the bait and get it down before striking, but the same reel could also be used for trolling to and from the grounds with lures or baits, throwing Raider jigs into washes around a bommie, even a spot of jigging if other species like kingfish begin to mark on the sounder screen.

Many of Shimano’s bluewater overheads are designed to fish incredible drag settings, in many cases way beyond what their diminutive size might suggest they are capable of. This makes them useful for heavy braid use, but still have the range for lighter mono if you prefer.

So, from the highly credentialed star drag Trinidad, to that ever-reliable workhorse the Charter Special, there’s a Shimano overhead to fulfil just about every fishing requirement.