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Quick View tiagra_a_v1_m56577569830879673.png Tiagra

The mother of all game fishing reels, the Tiagra series have been adorning boats since their release well over a decade ago. These reels are built for the toughest of fish, as each has a seven millimetre thick cold-forged frame (the thickest on the market). There are ten sizes in the lineup and there is no game species too big or too small to be handled by these powerhouse reels.

Quick View talica_2sp_v1_m56577569830877149.png Talica 2 speed

If you are looking for a game fishing reel that is built to handle the biggest fish, then look no further than the Talica two speed series. Each boasts incredible drag pressure ratings and, coupled with a doubled anodised cold forged frame and spool, this range is built for heavy saltwater conditions, especially when using braid.

Quick View talica_v1_m56577569830877148.png Talica

The Talica series of light game fishing reels feature a high speed retrieve that can be used for deep water jigging, casting lures or trolling. The single speed series offers a one piece, cold-forged aluminium frame and High Efficiency Gearing.


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