Baitrunner Reels - The Original and Still the Best Baitrunner Fishing Reels by Shimano
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Baitrunner Reels

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Quick View baitrunner_lc_v1_m56577569831055864.png Baitrunner LC

The big and medium Baitrunner Long Cast series is back and they are fitted with some of Shimano's latest technologies.

Quick View thunnus_ci4_v1_m56577569830877110.png Thunnus Ci4 F

The Thunnus CI4 reel is the pinnacle for saltwater bait fishing enthusiasts. It comes in four sizes suitable for heavy estuary right through to bigger reef and mid-size game species.

Quick View baitrunner_d_v1_m56577569830877105.png Baitrunner D

The D series features the latest Shimano key technologies, including the original Shimano Baitrunner innovation. The range is ideally suited to targeting big fish, with the largest model serving up 12 kilos of drag and holding over 500 metres of 24 kilo Power Pro braid.

Quick View baitrunner_oc_v1_m56577569830877107.png Baitrunner OC

The most recent refinement of the Shimano Baitrunner range, the OC series draws on all the features that have made the Shimano Baitrunner family such a success on the Australian market.

Quick View baitrunner_st_fb_v1_m56577569830903086.png Baitrunner ST FB

The ST Baitrunners are the perfect entry level reel for anglers just starting out on the freespool spin reel series. They come in two sizes that can be used for freshwater and estuary fishing, through to light offshore fishing applications.

Baitrunner Reels

It’s probably a little known fact that the Shimano Baitrunner freespool concept was actually an Australian idea.

Bait fishing from a wharf for bream and tailor, former Shimano Australia chairman, John Dunphy, was pondering how to incorporate a freespool mechanism into a threadline reel so a fish could run with the bait before swallowing it, when he hit on an idea that was in his own words, “beyond belief.”

The next day, John and Mark Mikkelsen were on a plane to explain it all to the Japanese design engineers. In an incredibly short period of time, the Baitrunner threadline went from a sketchy theory, to a line-up of dedicated freespool threadline reels. The legend was born.

Snapper fishing devotees right around the country took to Baitrunners in a massive way, but the smaller reels in the lineup also proved handy for fishing baits like scrubworms and mudeyes for brown and rainbow trout, even float fishing for blackfish off estuary retaining walls and rocks, where the ability to feed line to provide a natural drift to the weed bait is essential for success.

The Baitrunner system is now available on six threadline reels in the Shimano range, from the entry level ST series, right up to the Baitrunner D and the heavy-duty saltwater Thunnus series. The cosmetics are now sharper, the internals have definitely improved, but that brilliant Baitrunner concept still remains the same.

Baitrunners are also great for other fishing styles, but it’s handy to have the Baitrunner option in reserve if a bit of bait soaking is in order.