Tranx Baitcast

The Shimano Tranx is the next level in saltwater proofed baitcast reels. Featuring the coreprotect concept, meaning the Tranx range has greatly improved water resistance whilst maintaining a “free” feel when winding. Ideally suited to most baitcasting applications like soft-baiting, light-jigging and casting small and medium sized Shimano stick-baits. The Shimano Tranx baitcaster reels are not only ergonomic in the hand, packed with more than enough drag, durable and strongly built but are also setting the bar in water resistance.
  • bearings_v1_m56577569830879899.png 5+1
  • cast_rating_v1_m56577569830879900.png High Cast Rating
  • crank_power_v1_m56577569830888801.png High Crank Power rating
  • drag_type_v1_m56577569830888802.png STAR Drag
  • key_feature_v1_m56577569830879903.png X-SHIP
  • Retrieve_range_v1_m56577569830879904.png 75-100 Retrieve range (cm)
  • weight_range_v1_m56577569830879906.png 330-340 Weight range (g)



Product Specs

Series Tranx
Family Type Baitcast
Size options 3
Key Feature Hagane Body
Bearings 5+1
Warranty 10 Year
Drag Range 8-10 Drag Power range (kg)
Retrieve Per Crank Range 75-100 Retrieve range (cm)

Product Code Description Gear Ratio Bearings Drag Power (Kg) Mono Capacity (kg/m) Braid Capacity (Kg/m) Weight (g)
TRX300A Tranx 300A 5.8:1 5+1 10kg 9/160 50/190 330.0
TRX300AHG Tranx 300AHG 7.6:1 5+1 8kg 9/160 50/190 330.0
TRX400AHG Tranx 400AHG 7.6:1 5+1 8kg 9/235 50/275 340.0