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Quick View calcutta_conquest_v1_m56577569831055841.png Calcutta Conquest

The Shimano Calcutta Conquest Casting Reel has it all - and then some

Quick View ocea_calcutta_v1_m56577569831055845.png Ocea Calcutta

The Ocea Calcutta is the perfect reel for light saltwater jigging

Quick View calcutta_f_v1_m56577569831055842.png Calcutta F

The Calcutta F is a dedicated light jigging reel with an S Compact body design, X-Ship and carbon cloth drag washer.

Quick View engetsu_v1_m56577569831055844.png Engetsu

Compact and versatile casting is the best wat to describe the Engetsu series of baitcasters.

Quick View stile_v1_m56577569831055846.png Stile

The Shimano Stile is an ultra light weight 100 size finnesse baitcaster designed for saltwater use.

Quick View stile_ss_v1_m56577569831055847.png Stile SS

The Stile SS baitcasters is another premium reel series direct out of the Japanese market. Ideal for targeting barramundi up north to Murray Cod in wild rivers.

Quick View chronarch_g_v1_m56577569831055843.png Chronarch G

Packed with the latest advancements in Shimano baitcast technology, the Chronarch G delivers top level performance for saltwater anglers.

Quick View chronarch_mgl_v1_m56577569831041072.png Chronarch MGL

Ultra-lightweight and top level performance is the best way to describe the new Chronarch MGL series. In pursuit of effortless casting, Shimano’s new Magnum Light spool design incorporates a unique porting technique that allows for precision cut holes to be inserted into the side of the spool. This advancement significantly reduces weight and creates a low moment of inertia, meaning that less effort is required to propel the spool into motion when cast.

Quick View curado_k_v1_m56577569831055840.png Curado K

The next generation of of Curado baitcast reels sets the benchmark in everyday performance and saltwater durability with the new K series.

Quick View tranx300_v1_m56577569831040607.png Tranx

The Shimano Tranx is the next level in saltwater proofed baitcast reels.

Quick View exsense_v1_m56577569830986260.png Exsence DC

Digital Cast Control on the Exsence mean overruns are a thing of the past, while the high gear ratio, nine SA-RB bearings and aluminium body makes it stand out from the crowd.

Quick View chronarch_ci4_v1_m56577569830877086.png Chronarch Ci4+

The Chronarch is the latest in a distinguished line of premium quality baitcasters, and is now utilising a CI4+ frame, a 7075 super-light, cold-forged machine-cut aluminium spool, X-Ship, a High Alumina Frictionless Line Guide, and SA-RB bearings.

Baitcast Reels

For barra fishing and bass fishing and many other salt and freshwater species, when it comes to precision casting with a wide variety of lure weights, shapes and sizes, baitcaster reels are the way to go — and Shimano have the best in the business.

For decades now, a skilled baitcaster user who can land a lure just millimetres out from a snag has been a fishing opponent to be reckoned with. Now, while threadline proponents might disagree, a crack-shot with a baitcaster usually finds a lot of fish on the end of his line by the end of the day. And whether you hook a fish or not, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be derived from uncorking a bottler of a cast, whether you make use of cast assisting features such as Shimano’s Variable Braking System (VBS) or go it alone with the much revered ‘educated thumb’.

Shimano’s low profile baitcaster reels are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use for long periods of time, as casting accuracy can really suffer when arms and wrists become tired, especially in the tropical heat, but when that long-awaited hookup does occur, other Shimano-exclusive features such as ultra smooth drags, SA-RB or A-RB bearings and Super Stopper come into play to make the fight even more enjoyable.

For mixed fishing situations such as live baiting and trolling — whether hand-held or sitting the outfit in a rod holder — traditional round cross-section baitcasters still hold sway, especially when line capacity is a factor if targeting species such as Niugini black bass, big saltwater barra and offshore dwellers such as Spanish mackerel and black jew.