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Fishing Lures

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Quick View spanyid_hp_v1_m56577569830879952.png Spanyid Raider HP

If high speed spinning is your thing and a high performance lure that's made to last beyond a couple of fish is important, you can't go past the new Raider HP range.

Quick View spanyid_bite_it_v1_m56577569830879951.png Spanyid Bite It

Spanyid Bite It spoons are available in four sizes, 12 to 50 grams, and in two colour sticker varieties, either blue or red.

Quick View spanyid_thunder_flash_v1_m56577569830879956.png Spanyid Thunder Flash

Spanyid Thunder Flash metals are available in five sizes from 10 to 80 grams, and in two colour sticker varieties - blue or red.

Quick View spanyid_vibe_v1_m56577569830879957.png Spanyid Sniper Vibe

This soft plastic enhanced hybrid metal lure combines the best features of vibes and soft plastics into one deadly fish-catching combination.

Quick View waxwings_v1_m56577569830879958.png Waxwing lures

The Shimano Waxwing is one of the world's most versatile lures, as it can be cast, but also trolled and jigged, fast or slow. It has a unique shape and action that cannot be replicated by any other lure.

Quick View orca_pencil_baits_v1_m56577569830879950.png Shimano Orca Pencil Baits

Orca Pencil Baits are designed to catch large game fish such as giant trevally, kingfish, tuna and mahi mahi. With a unique action and finish, Orca Pencil Baits epitomise the Shimano reputation for quality and performance.

Quick View spanyid_maniac_v1_m56577569830879953.png Spanyid Maniac

This modern day spoon is as deadly as it is simple. It comes in eight sizes ranging from five to 45 grams, in three different colour varieties.

Quick View spanyid_raider_v1_m56577569830879954.png Spanyid Raider

Raider metal lures are one of the most versatile fishing products ever designed and are useful for many fishing applications. All raiders are available in chrome in weights 10 to 100 grams and in eight different colour varieties.

Quick View spanyid_strike_it_v1_m56577569830879955.png Spanyid Strike It

Spanyid Strike Its are available in five sizes from 10 to 80 grams, and in two colour sticker varieties - blue or red.

Quick View lucanus_v1_m56577569830879947.png Lucanus Jigs

An exciting way of catching reef species is with Lucanus jigs. The best thing about them is that the fish practically hook themselves! The technique may be very slow in method, but very fast on action!

Quick View lucanus_hook_v1_m56577569830879948.png Lucanus Replacement Hooks

Need to replace the hooks on a Lucanus Jig? It's never been so easy; simply slide out the solid ring and unhitch the Dyneema loop, reverse the process and you're ready to fish again.

Quick View lucanus_skirts_trailers_v1_m56577569830879949.png Lucanus Replacement Skirts & Trailers

Need to replace the skirts and trailers on a Lucanus Jig? It's never been so easy - simply slide off the old skirts and slide the new ones on with a pair of pointy nose pliers.

Fishing Lures

Lure fishing is an exciting way of catching fish, and to fool our quarry into eating something that really doesn’t look much like their favourite food source (to our eyes at least) is quite an achievement. It is also incredibly addictive and a bit of initial success can soon see the afflicted angler carting around a mountain of spare lures, hoping that somewhere in that pile of boxes and bags will be that special artificial that will become ‘the one’.

Just some of the tried-and-tested lures in Shimano’s mind-boggling range include Ocea Pencil Baits for giant trevally, Butterfly Jigs for kingfish, Lucanus Jigs for snapper and other bottom dwellers, Spanyids for Spaniards, Egixile for squid, Mackerel Maulers for bluewater pelagics as well as river mouth jew, Stiffy Minnows and Twitch Baits for bream, Waxwings for all manner of pelagics… and not forgetting the legendary Squidgy soft plastics, suitable for just about everything that swims!

Then there’s the Lure Project, which is a joint Australian/Japanese enterprise where specialised Vibes, Deep Crank and Finesse Crank minnows have been developed to cater for the finesse fishing market. The Lure Project is also linked to a series of specialised rods, designed by Ian Miller, to fish these custom lures to their optimum.

Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism has less free-stroke and 25% greater lever input to suit more aggressive riding.