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Fishing Lures

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Quick View ocea_wing_v1_m56577569830985194.png Ocea Wing

This rear weighted flat fall jigging lure flutters on the descent and can be fished with both a slow and high-speed jerk, depending on the mood of the target species.

Quick View ocea_spouter_v1_m56577569830985193.png Ocea Spouter

This innovative cup-faced surface lure has an internal chamber that mixes air and water to create a foamy rooster tail behind the head that the fish will fall in love with.

Quick View ocea_rocketdive_v1_m56577569830985192.png Ocea Rocket Dive

This serious bluewater stickbait with an internal AR-C casting system dives, rolls and splashes with real fish attracting movement, and can be worked fast or slow depending on the conditions and the species being sought.

Quick View ocea_pencil_v1_m56577569830985191.png Ocea Pencil

The latest Stickbait lure, the Ocea Penci,l is designed to catch large pelagics such as GT's, tuna and mahi mahi. With a unique action and finish.

Quick View rock_hopper_v1_m56577569831025120.png Rock Hopper

Slow jigging in the salt continues to grow in popularity, and these new Rock Hopper lures will be just the ticket for reef and pelagic species.

Quick View bottomshipe_2_v1_m56577569830985189.png Bottom Ship 2

From demersals to pelagics, Bottom Ship jigs have wide species’ appeal, doing their best work down on the bottom over reef, wrecks and other structure, but also taking hits on the retrieve.

Quick View egi_rattle_v1_m56577569830994795.png Sephia Egixile Rattle

The Sephia Egixile Rattle has two glass sound chambers that emit a rattle that mimics the sound of a male squid, but also makes it perfect for after dark fishing and when in deep cover.

Quick View coltsniper_falls_v1_m56577569830903092.png Coltsniper Fall Lures

With a falling, fluttering, jerking action, the new Coltsniper Fall has all your micro jigging needs covered.

Quick View coltsniper_v1_m56577569830903091.png Coltsniper Jigging Lures

The Coltsniper centre-balanced casting jigs are available in five weights from 21 to 60g, making them perfect for inshore bluewater work.

Quick View ocea_stickbaits_v1_m56577569830919967.png Ocea Stickbait

These dynamic realistically fashion stickbait lures are perfect for anglers chasing any fast moving pelagic species.

Quick View ocea_headdips_v1_m56577569830903102.png Ocea Head Dip Lures

These intriguing 175mm floating stick baits have a double AR-C casting system, giving you the greatest cast possible.

Quick View flat_falls_v1_m56577569830889262.png Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs

The Butterfly Flat Fall Jig is a totally new concept of Butterfly jigging technique.

Fishing Lures

Lure fishing is an exciting way of catching fish, and to fool our quarry into eating something that really doesn’t look much like their favourite food source (to our eyes at least) is quite an achievement. It is also incredibly addictive and a bit of initial success can soon see the afflicted angler carting around a mountain of spare lures, hoping that somewhere in that pile of boxes and bags will be that special artificial that will become ‘the one’.

Just some of the tried-and-tested lures in Shimano’s mind-boggling range include Ocea Pencil Baits for giant trevally, Butterfly Jigs for kingfish, Lucanus Jigs for snapper and other bottom dwellers, Spanyids for Spaniards, Egixile for squid, Mackerel Maulers for bluewater pelagics as well as river mouth jew, Stiffy Minnows and Twitch Baits for bream, Waxwings for all manner of pelagics… and not forgetting the legendary Squidgy soft plastics, suitable for just about everything that swims!

Then there’s the Lure Project, which is a joint Australian/Japanese enterprise where specialised Vibes, Deep Crank and Finesse Crank minnows have been developed to cater for the finesse fishing market. The Lure Project is also linked to a series of specialised rods, designed by Ian Miller, to fish these custom lures to their optimum.