Sports Camera: Full HD Ultra Light Action Camera By Shimano

Shimano Sport Camera

The Shimano Sport Camera is an ultra light electronic equipment you can take anywhere you want. The specifications that the sport camera has are impressive with FULL HD resolution, 10M underwater with NO housing and many more features to get you capturing all your adventures anytime, anywhere. The Shimano Sport Camera can even capture video even in low light situations. The angle of view is 180deg (135 deg). It’s easy to connect your sport camera onto many devices as it has WIFI, ANT+/ANT private connectivity. When you purchase the Shimano sport cam it comes with the camera w/lens cover, adhesive mount/vented helment mount, USB cable and start up manual. You can get extra accessories for the Shimano Sport Camera as well such as an 80m waterproof case, tripod with sinker, arm extender, flat, polarized lens cover and silicon sleeve. The Shimano Sport Camera not only is a video recording device. It also takes still images like a camera taking pictures at 6M Pixels 4:3 (2848 x 2136) The Shimano Sport Camera battery takes less than 4 hours to charge and runs for 2 hours. Never miss an opportunity that needs to be captured ever again with the Shimano Sport Camera.
  • weight_range_v1_m56577569830879906.png Light and Compact 86g (INC BATT AND SD CARD)
  • wifi_v1_m56577569830890838.png WIFI, ANT+/ANT Private Connectivity
  • 16_megapixels_v1_m56577569830890833.png 16m Pixels
  • full_hd_v1_m56577569830890836.png FULL HD
  • waterproof_v1_m56577569830890837.png 10m Waterproof (NO HOUSING)

Download the latest Sports Camera firmware here:

Product Specs

Model CM-100
Key Feature 10m Waterproof without housing
Megapixels 16 Megapixels
Warranty 1 year fault replacement warranty
Resolution Full HD
Waterproof 10m Waterproof without housing
Weight 86gram with battery and SD card

Product Code Description Aperture Angle of view Focal Distance Shutter Speed Battery Life
CM-1000 Sport Camera F2.0 180 deg. 135 deg f=1.05 1/30 - 1/100000 2 hours