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Quick View tiagra_ultra_v1_m56577569831058791.png Tiagra Ultra

The Shimano Tiagra Ultra series of game rods raises the bar and sets the new benchmark for aussie anglers that head out wide to target the biggest fish that swim.

Quick View tcurve_game_v1_m56577569830879745.png Tcurve Game rods

From light tackle sailfish and black marlin right through to grander blacks and blues, the powerful Tiagra Game series has bluewater anglers covered.

Quick View ocea_offshore_switchbait_v1_m56577569830879744.png Ocea Switchbait Rods

Trust Shimano to come up with Australia's only dedicated switch bait rod series � and now there's a light tackle option in spin and overhead as well.

Quick View terez_v1_m56577569831058790.png Terez

No more making do with a rod that’s half right for the job — Terez delivered, whether fishing from the reefs or meandering bluewater currents well offshore.

Quick View revo_offshore_v1_m56577569830985712.png Revolution Offshore

The latest Revolution Offshore series is built on powerful, extremely strong 24-30 Ton Toray Graphite blanks, capable of handling the brutal punishment bluewater game fish are renown for.

Quick View tag-em_v1_m56577569831058789.png Tag-Em

The Tag-Em series of game rods have been built to deliver unmatcheed performance at a price point that is accessible to all game anglers.

Quick View backbone_elite_v1_m56577569830877431.png Backbone Elite Game Rods

Shimano Backbone Elite game rods are suitable for various game fish targets. Built around unique graphite composite blanks with fixed and/or roller guides, the series delivers solid game fishing performance.

Quick View taipan_16_v1_m56577569831025184.png Taipan Rods

The Deadly Taipan now has some deadly Game Rods, offering offshore fishing devotees a hard-wearing, quality product at a reasonable price. The series consists of three models with a choice of fixed or roller tips, and bracing a 10 to 24 kilo line class ratings.

Quick View aquatip_16_v1_m56577569831025183.png Aquatip Game Rods

Aqua Tip Game Rods come in two styles, with either a standard fixed or a deluxe roller tip.

Game Fishing

Game fishing or offshore sports fishing is the ultimate thrill for extreme anglers and Shimano's game rod selection has rods to suit all.

With the vast popularity of people going out wide for bigger fish, Shimano rods will assist you in catching the 'fish of a lifetime'. When targeting large fish, quality gear is essential and Shimano has got you covered. The dreams of catching marlin, tuna and other pelagic species become realistic with the wide range of game rods suited from the beginner to the advanced. 

Our top of the line and ever popular Tcurve Game series boasts AFTCO componentry and exclusive Shimano blanks, making them the best game fishing rods in the industry and the rod that could make your marlin dreams come true.

For those just starting out in the game fishing scene, we have you covered with the Backbone Elite series or Beastmaster rods. Perfect for those new to this fast and exciting sport and will make landing your new PB Yellowfin, Wahoo or Dolphinfish a breeze.