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Quick View taipan_16_v1_m56577569831025175.png Taipan Boat Rods

With Fuji components, custom EVA grips and an intergrated Fibreglass tip, the latest in series in the Taipan range are as deadly as the snake they are named after.

Quick View aquatip16_v1_m56577569831025174.png Aquatip Boat Rods

The Aqua Tip rod range Is proving popular with anglers because of the incredible value for money they represent, and the wide variety of applications available in the lineup.

Quick View eclipse_v1_m56577569830877416.png Eclipse Boat Rods

This is a big rod range, perfect for newcomers to fishing. They're high on performance and quality, but represent excellent value for money.

Boat Fishing rods

A rod for all types of boat fishing! 

While lure casting, trolling and jigging are extremely popular offshore fishing approaches, a lot of Australians are quite comfortable getting their piscatorial kicks the traditional way, drifting over reef and sand for snapper, pearl perch, teraglin, coral trout, emperor and of course flathead. Some people look down on this style of fishing as being pretty laid-back and some sort of meat gathering exercise, but it’s important to remember that for many fishos catching a feed is the principle motivation for hitting the water. 

The skilled boat fisherman that knows how to work his favourite reefs by reading his sounder correctly, making good use of the GPS, and allowing for the variables of wind and current, usually has the rest of us drooling in envy over his catch of tasty table fish when back at the boat ramp or on the cleaning table.

Depending on the water depth, current strength and the species being targeted, the boat rods used need to be able to handle leads up to a kilo in weight being wound up from great depths, heavy lines (although braid has revolutionised the way boat fishos operate, as it has in just about every aspect of recreational fishing), and have the power to turn big, powerful fish away from the reef. And if fishing two hooks, it’s double the trouble!

Shimano has a variety of boat fishing rod options in the Catana, Aqua Tip and Eclipse rod ranges, that are built on sturdy blanks, have quality guides and reel seats, dense EVA grips, and the right sort of tapers for easy bite detection, and actions to suit overheads and threadline reels.