Bait Fishing Rods - Ultra Light Rods Designed to Catch Bait Fish or Panfish
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Bait Rods

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Bait fishing is still extremely popular with hundreds of thousands of anglers, and Shimano's Impact Nano range features a rod ideally suited to the dedicated bait soaker.

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Taipan Boat Rods cover the complete spectrum and you can catch just about any offshore species on them. Blank design and all the small elements that add up to deliver high performance are rarely found in a range this affordable, these rods are as deadly as their name sake.

Bait Fishing Rods

Prefer to use bait? 

For decades now, sand whiting have slipped under the sportfishing radar, as most people regarded them as a bait-only species. In recent times, however, we’ve seen that they’re actually enthusiastic eaters of surface lures like Stiffy Poppers and Top Dogs, particularly when the prawns are running. A lot of fishos are still happy bait fishing, however, be it worms for the aforementioned ‘poor man’s bonefish’, nippers for bream, a mullet strip for jewfish, or pilchards for snapper.

A bait rod needs to be light in the tip to detect bites (a luminous tip can be a decided advantage when fishing at night), and not fling the sometimes delicate bait off the hook when a cast is made, but it doesn’t want to bend through to the butt cap when a fish is on either, especially when keeping the pressure on to steer it clear of rock, reef or from around jetty pylons. The stripping guide needs to be of a reasonable diameter to allow easy passage of the line during the cast, and the rest of the fittings need to be first class.

Of course, Shimano have the ultimate bait fishing reel to team up with these bait fishing rods, and that’s the Baitrunner series, which are capable of catching everything from blackfish through to black marlin. The Baitrunner’s free-spool feature enables a fish to pick up a bait, swim off and swallow it without noticing anything’s amiss, and then all the angler has to do is wind the handle to set the hook — it’s just that simple!