Ocea Rocket Dive

Ocea Rocket Dive Lures

Another of Shimano’s growing lineup of Japanese-designed stickbaits, the Ocea Rocket-Dive makes use of an AR-C casting chamber similar to what is used in the Ocea Head Dip stickbait, where a tungsten bead sliding on an internal rod assists in providing 20-25 per cent more casting distance. The bead moves towards the tail of the lure with the momentum of the cast, and then once the lure splashes down it returns to a more ‘neutral’ position for perfect balance during the retrieve. Made of high impact foam rather than plastic, the Rocket Dive is extremely buoyant, and sits with a 40-45 degree head-up tail-down angle at rest. A slow start gives it a walk-the-dog motion, and then as more speed and sweeps of the rod are introduced, it really gets into gear. The Rocket Dive is available in five colours, weighs 80 grams, comes armed with extra strong VMC trebles, and measures 187mm overall so it’s going to be on the hit list of all the big pelagics this coming summer.
  • action_v1_m56577569830879894.png Zig Zag action with ducking moments
  • bouyancy_v1_m56577569830879895.png Floating
  • hooks_v1_m56577569830879897.png Owner Hooks
  • size_range_v1_m56577569830879898.png 187mm

Product Specs

Size range 1 size
Colour options 5 colour options
weight range 80g

Model Number Material Length Weight Depth Hook Colour
OT187N-01T PVC 187mm 80g Floating Owner 01T
OT187N-02T PVC 187mm 80g Floating Owner 02T
OT187N-04T PVC 187mm 80g Floating Owner 04T
OT187N-05T PVC 187mm 80g Floating Owner 05T
OT187N-07T PVC 187mm 80g Floating Owner 07T