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Quick View ocea_rocketdive_v1_m56577569830985192.png Ocea Rocket Dive

This serious bluewater stickbait with an internal AR-C casting system dives, rolls and splashes with real fish attracting movement, and can be worked fast or slow depending on the conditions and the species being sought.

Quick View ocea_pencil_v1_m56577569830985191.png Ocea Pencil

The latest Stickbait lure, the Ocea Penci,l is designed to catch large pelagics such as GT's, tuna and mahi mahi. With a unique action and finish.

Quick View rockdive_v1_m56577569831060486.png Coltsniper Rockdive

The Coltsniper Rockdive 160F is Shimano's new long range diving stick bait

Quick View rockslide_v1_m56577569831060488.png Coltsniper Rockslide

The Coltsniper Rockslide is Shimano's new sliding Stickbait with a truely effective action due to its unique head lip.