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Quick View ocea_wing_v1_m56577569830985194.png Ocea Wing

This rear weighted flat fall jigging lure flutters on the descent and can be fished with both a slow and high-speed jerk, depending on the mood of the target species.

Quick View coltsniper_falls_v1_m56577569830903092.png Coltsniper Fall Lures

With a falling, fluttering, jerking action, the new Coltsniper Fall has all your micro jigging needs covered.

Quick View coltsniper_v1_m56577569830903091.png Coltsniper Jigging Lures

The Coltsniper centre-balanced casting jigs are available in five weights from 21 to 60g, making them perfect for inshore bluewater work.

Quick View spanyid_maniac_v1_m56577569830879953.png Spanyid Maniac

This modern day spoon is as deadly as it is simple. It comes in eight sizes ranging from five to 45 grams, in three different colour varieties.

Quick View spanyid_raider_v1_m56577569830879954.png Spanyid Raider

Raider metal lures are one of the most versatile fishing products ever designed and are useful for many fishing applications. All raiders are available in chrome in weights 10 to 100 grams and in eight different colour varieties.