Power Pro Bite Motion Braided line

Bite Motion comes in a high vis' orange colour, with a bite detecting black mark at one metre intervals. This separates the orange, so when over the water it 'highlights and pronounces' any movement in the line, therefore showing the smallest of touches on a lure or bait. Power Pro Bite Motion contains all the quality performance features of regular Power Pro, and will certainly improve your strike rate.
  • colour_v1_m56577569830879890.png Orange
  • strand_v1_m56577569830879893.png 4 Strand
  • material_v1_m56577569830879892.png 100% Spectra fibre
  • made_in_v1_m56577569830879891.png USA

Product Specs

Breaking Strain Options 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30lb
Colour Options Orange/Black
Spool Length Options 164 Yards
Material 100% Spectra fibre
Made In USA

Product Code Product Description Length Material Test Colour Diametre Made In
PPBM16403 Bite Motion 3lb 164 Yards 164yd Spectra 3lb Orange/Black 0.06 USA
PPBM16405 Bite Motion 5lb 164 Yards 164yd Spectra 5lb Orange/Black 0.08 USA
PPBM16408 Bite Motion 8lb 164 Yards 164yd Spectra 8lb Orange/Black 0.13 USA
PPBM16410 Bite Motion 10lb 164 Yards 164yd Spectra 10lb Orange/Black 0.15 USA
PPBM16415 Bite Motion 15lb 164 Yards 164yd Spectra 15lb Orange/Black 0.19 USA
PPBM16420 Bite Motion 20lb 164 Yards 164yd Spectra 20lb Orange/Black 0.23 USA
PPBM16430 Bite Motion 30lb 164 Yards 164yd Spectra 30lb Orange/Black 0.28 USA