Fishing Leader - Catch That Wary Fish in Difficult Conditions
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Fishing leader

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Quick View ocea_leader_v1_m56577569830888426.png Ocea Leader

Fluorocarbon leader material like Shimano’s new EX Fluoro Ocea Leader provides a number of advantages to discerning anglers dealing with wary fish under difficult fishing conditions.

Quick View wind_on_leader_v1_m56577569831026254.png Shimano Wind On Leader

Shimano Wind-On Leaders allow the angler to wind the trace or leader all the way through the guides and onto the reel. It's a safer and more efficient way of controlling bluewater species at the boat.

Quick View tiagra_leader_v1_m56577569831061801.png Tiagra Leader

Tiagra premium nylon mono leader is 20X tougher in abrasion resistance than standard nylon