Straw Hats - Fishing Hats Woven Out of Straw or Reeds

Sunseeker Straw Hat

With a wide brim, breathable straw weave and drawstring to keep it on your head, the Sunseeker Straw Hat is the ideal head-wear for long, hot summer days. Shimano's straw hats are available in all different styles from ladies, kids, collage print to even the new Raffia Crushable. There is now a hat for everone and every occasion.
  • sizing_v1_m56577569830879887.png One Size Fits Most

Product Specs

Colour options Natural
Size Range OSFM
Material Straw

Product Code Product Description Size Colour Material
CLT01047 Shimano Sunseeker Straw Hat HAT Natural Straw
STRAW1402 Shimano Kids Sunseeker Hat HAT Natural Straw
STRAW1404 Rafia Crushable Straw Hat OSFM N/A Straw
STRAW1401 Shimano Womens Straw Hat HAT Collage Straw
STRAW1401 Shimano Chocolate Sunseeker Hat HAT Chocolate Straw