Shimano Reel Covers

Reel covers are important for protecting reels from scratches, flying salt spray, even dust when on the road, so they are especially useful in northern Australia. Shimano has a size to accommodate any reel, from diminutive 1000 size spin models right up to the 30,000 Stella.
  • material_v1_m56577569830879892.png Neoprene
  • generic_v1_m56577569830888508.png Reel protection
  • generic_v1_m56577569830888508.png Strong Velcro closure

Product Specs

Number of Models 8
Description Shimano Spin & Baitcast Reelcovers
Size Range Xsmall-Xlarge
Material Neoprene
Key Feature Reel Protection

Product Code Product Description Size Material Colour
RCSPIN830SML Reelcover Spin S Spin Small Neoprene Orange
RCOH840MED Reelcover Overhead M OH Medium Neoprene Blue
RCOH850LGE Reelcover Overhead L OH Large Neoprene Blue
RCBAIT820XSML Reelcover Baitcast XS BC X Small Neoprene Green
RCBAIT830SML Reelcover Baitcast S BC Small Neoprene Green
RCSPIN840MED Reelcover Spin M SpinMedium Neoprene Orange
RCSPIN850LGE Reelcover Spin L Spin Large Neoprene Orange
RCOH860XLGE Reelcover Overhead XL OH X Large Neoprene Blue