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Quick View pliers_v1_m56577569831025441.png JDM Pliers

These high quality tools offer anglers all the components required for fine tuning and adjusting lures on the move and are set to be popular with anglers who are frequently throwing, Jigging and trolling lures

Quick View bent_nose_v1_m56577569830891284.png Shimano Bent Nose Plier

Tackle those bigger plier jobs with the heavy duty Shimano bent nose release pliers!

Quick View cutters_scissors_v1_m56577569830983931.png Cutters

The Shimano Cutter range includes a two braid scissors that are perfect for trimming braid or monofilament line.

Complete your fishing tackle collection with Shimano’s premium tool range. Designed to assist the angler whilst out on the water, the Shimano JDM Pliers are straight from our Japanese catalogue and feature a number of ergonomic and angler friendly features such as a split ring opener and PE line cutter. The Shimano Bent Nose Plier is suitable for the bigger jobs and a must have when removing hooks and cutting larger diameter line. Finally, the Shimano Cutter range are great all round fishing scissors and ideal for trimming your rig and knot tags.