Environet - The Perfect Catch and Release Net


Not that long ago, most Aussie anglers just fished for the table, with success being measured by how many fish were in the Esky at the end of the day. Now, catch and release is widely practised right around the country, with many anglers still catching plenty, coming home with nothing for the pot, yet considering it to have been a good day. Catch and release has now become the norm - and not just for fish that are undersize or considered poor table fare, but tasty fish as well. Obviously, vulnerable species like Australian bass, estuary perch and cod are the number one catch-and-release targets, but barra, bream, big flathead and even snapper are being set free in increasing numbers. If you want to practice catch and release the correct way, then get yourself an Environet. The brainchild of the late Dave Irvine, a dedicated, thinking angler who really cared about the survival of his favourite species like bass, cod and jacks, the Environet has no knots to damage the fish's all-important mucus layer, the mesh is fine enough to let the water flow through, but not so large that fins can become frayed, and hooks don't get caught up in it either.
  • material_v1_m56577569830879892.png PVC/Aluminium
  • generic_v1_m56577569830888508.png Fish Slime Protection
  • generic_v1_m56577569830888508.png Knotless design

Product Specs

Number of Models 4
Description Environets
Size Range Small-Xlarge
Length Range 500-1000mm Handle
Material Aluminium Frame
Key Feature Environet Fish Friendly Net

Product Code Product Description Length Head size Material
EMBFMS0500 Environet FMS500 (Full Mesh) BLUE 500mm handle Small Head Aluminium frame
EMBFML0500 Environet FML500 (Full Mesh) BLUE 500mm Handle Large Head Aluminium frame
EMBFML1000 Environet FML1000 (Full Mesh) BLUE 1000mm handle Large Head Aluminium frame
EMBFMXL1000 Environet FMXL1000 (Full Mesh) BLUE 1000mm handle X Large Head Aluminium frame