Assorted Fishing Accessories for a Perfect Fishing Trip
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Assorted Accessories

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Quick View bragmats_v1_m56577569831003267.png Bragmat

The Environet Brag Mat is the best way to record the length of a fish without damaging its protective slime coating, fins or scales.

Quick View grease_v1_m56577569830879783.png Grease

Three purpose-designed lubricants to keep Shimano reels in tip top working order.

Quick View pr_bobbin_v1_m56577569830990937.png PR Bobbin

The most simple way to create PR knots and binds with ease, is the the Shimano PR Bobbin.

Quick View reel_rest_v1_m56577569830984745.png Reel Rest

Reel Rests enable the angler to use easily attachable harness straps. Designed for spin anglers to take on big game fish by reducing fatigue and providing leverage against those huge catches.

Quick View rod_bucket_v1_m56577569831025440.png Rod Bucket

Shimano's padded fighting belt is fully adjustable, has a stainless steel gimbal pin, and is perfect for light tackle use up to ten kilo.

Quick View rod_wrap_v1_m56577569830986577.png Rod Wraps

Rod Wraps are available in two sizes and are designed to keep bundles of rods together, perfect for transporting and storage.

Quick View troll_strap_v1_m56577569830986578.png Troll Strap

Don't risk losing expensive outfits overboard on rough days. Secure them while travelling and trolling with Shimano Troll Straps.

Quick View sticker_pack_v1_m56577569830879788.png Sticker Pack

Make your boat or car stand out with this Shimano sticker pack, comprising of two small and two large vinyl decals.