Talica on the Reefs

Talica on the Reefs

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Talica on the Reefs

By Shane Murton

I've been using various models from the Shimano Talica range for several years now and they're perfectly suited to much of the reef fishing I do, both down south and up north. A bulk of this reef work has been with the Talica 8 single speed and the Talica 16 2 speed, and currently the 10 single speed is my main workhorse.

The 16 2 speed was the first reel in the range I got my hands on and it accompanied me on numerous long-range trips here in SA accounting for all manner of reefies from giant blue groper to over 50lbs, Bight Redfish, Samsons, to using it in a trolling role for southern Bluefin Tuna. Being two speed meant it could be dropped back a gear when hooked into a decent tuna, or when catching fragile mouthed species like Bight redfish that you don't want to muscle to the surface overly fast for fear of tearing hooks out of their thinly fleshed mouths.

While the 16 took it all in its stride, I soon found myself using lighter and smaller outfits on the reefs and 'downgraded' to a Talica 8 single speed and strapped it to a 7ft Shimano Terez, which created a light yet super strong setup and a great all-rounder for both bait or lure duties. I like the high gear ratio (6.2:1) of the single speed 8 and find it great for cranking up baits from the depths, working a range of jigs and generally quick line recovery.

The Talica 8 is a compact, nuggety unit that can pack a punch, and for what isn't a big reel it has taken plenty of quality fish without fear of letting me down. Despite threadlines having an ever increasing presence on the reef and offshore scene, myself and mates still use overheads for a lot of the bait work we do. Overheads like the Talica allow you to feed line out as you roll over ocean swell and then take it back to stay in touch with your offering without lifting it off the bottom and dragging it around which means a better presentation. Also being a lever drag means you can easily back off the drag and feed line to a big fish that is fumbling with your bait, and we've caught some cracking SA reds and samson fish and slob-sized NT coral trout doing just this with the Talica 8. 

Those that love their jigging will also find these reels ace. The Talica 8 has effortlessly slotted into a jigging role, particularly when using micro jigs. Being relatively small, yet with the ability to fish 50lb plus braid with ease, it's a good light-weight option for long spells of working small micro jig types, be this lighter knife jigs, octopus jigs or any other type you care to mention.

Fished on a longer rod means you have the sensitivity to detect smaller fish, yet it's smooth drag and reliability when under load means you can knock over any large goon that has jumped on. The reefs are known for throwing surprises at you after all! In a jigging role I've caught solid samsons, thumper blue groper, big reds and a myriad of smaller species on the Talica.

Whichever Talica you settle on I'm sure it'll be ready for all the reefs in your area can throw at it, no matter the style of fishing you're into, or what freaky reef fish decides to play!

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The Talica 2 Speed doubles as a great trolling reel

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Big trout on the 8 single speed

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Bag limit of SA reds between 6 to 10kgs caught on the Talica 8