Sports Camera Firmware Update

Sports Camera Firmware Update


Firmware Update 1.2.0

Shimano Sports Camera

When you try to connect your Shimano Sports Camera to the Shimano Sports Camera app you may be receiving an error message asking you to update the firmware. In this case, there are a few simple steps you must take which will take only a few moments. To update your Shimano Sports Camera firmware please follow these steps:
1. Head to the Shimano Sports Camera website here
2. On the menu bar, select the NEWS tab


3. Select 2015/7/10 FIRMWARE Shimano Camera APP Version 1.3.0 is now supported

4. Scroll down to the FIRMWARE 1.2.0 DOWNLOAD tab and follow through the step by step instructions on the site or as below:



5. Please note that it is important to extract the file once it is on the SD card. If you do not then the update won’t be successful.