Southern Bream Series Round 2

Southern Bream Series Round 2

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Southern Bream Series Round 2

By Jason Mayberry

Round 2 started in the shallows for Team Compleat Angler/Shimano, with a mix or presentations from OSP bent Minnows, lightly weighted Dusk Lobby’s and crank baits. It didn’t take long for our first legal in the live well, a small fish that only just made tournament legal at 260mm to the tip. We targeted active fish that were chasing prawns up on the surface. With the calm conditions, a long cast was needed so as not to spook the bream. The lures worked back slowly with several pauses proved the undoing of a couple more fish as we headed to our second spot with 3 in the live well.

As we headed into our spot, we decided to stay shallow and fish the edge with the same lures. The water was crystal clear and we watched several schools of bream moving around but were unable to tempt any of them. We decided to move out into some deeper water (3-4m) and try to fill our bag from here. There was plenty of bait showing on the sounder and we didn’t have to wait long before we got our last couple to fill the bag. These deeper fish were taken on 100mm bloodworm wrigglers fished on 2 and 3gram jig head using 3lb fluro.  It was around 9:30 when the breeze picked up and we headed back into where we had seen the fish on the flats. This time we stayed a bit wider, casting surface lures over the cockle weed. Soon enough, we had a few upgrades in a short time which enabled us to get rid of that 26cm Bream. Another move and we used the wind to direct our drift over another shallow cockle bed. This time we both threw hidden weight Dusk Lobby fished over the top of the weed. Once paused, it would drift down into the weed were a fish would be waiting to inhale the lure……..or so we hoped. Well, what a session…… we got about 15 Bream, some upgrades in a drift that went for about half an hour. We decided to leave that spot and save it for the second day and headed back out into 3 – 4m.

Terry slow rolled a Dunk and I cast a stick bait around. Things were a bit quiet but as the drift continued to the outer edge of the flat, bait appeared on the sounder and Terry came up tight to our last upgrade for day 1. I then came up tight to my biggest St Georges Basin Flathead that measured 90cm. This fish was caught on 3lb fluro and was pinned by a #14 treble in the corner of its mouth.     

We weighed our Day 1 Bag which went 3.140kg which put us in 2nd place.

Day 2 was shortened due to the Southerly change that was expected at 1pm. Finish time was now 12 noon. Our plan was to stay the same as the previous day, however we had saved a couple spots for today. Leaving in second place had us being overtaken but most of the top 10 which were all heading to the western side of the Basin. Arriving at our first spot, the water was a lot clearer than the previous day and there was no sign or active fish. No bites in the first half hour and we moved to a drift that we had left alone on day 1. Fishing hidden weight Dusk Lobby’s over the weed beds, I soon landed our first for the day…..only to find it had in haled the lure and was hooked quite deep. This fish soon died and we were back to an empty live well. Time was ticking away and everywhere we fished there was nothing. The mind starts working overtime, and you start to doubt your ability and decision making. The calm conditions certainly wasn’t helping our cause. We moved to the weed beds that we caught most fish the previous day and it didn’t disappoint. Somewhat slower, but we finally managed to scrap together 5 legal Bream. Time was now up as the Southerly picked up a gear. The weigh in and Presentation was fast tracked due to the increasing wind sped. Our day 2 bag pulled the scales down to 2.4 kg. With a total of 5.540kg, we placed 7th from 53 teams.