Snapper Tips - Ben Jones

Snapper Tips - Ben Jones


Snapper Tips

By Ben Jones


Snapper are one of Australia’s most iconic species and have been targeted by anglers across the country in many different ways. From Bottom bashing and flat lining baits, to casting and working soft plastics in deep or shallow water.  Not many anglers though picture themselves trolling hard body lures more usually suited for the tropical species like barramundi.

Just recently I’ve been experimenting this technique using different hard bodies, trolling the shallows from 2-6m and having some unreal results!!

Not only is it easy to do, it also allows you to cover far more ground and scout other locations that you may never get to while concentrating slow drifts over set marks. Although this technique is far from perfected, these are a few of the things I’ve picked up already:

  1. The troll speed would be best described as walking pace and my motor is usually just engaged and obviously adjusted with prevailing wind and current.  Changes in speed haven’t made a noticeable difference, although I have had double hook ups, so be sure to keep your others lures running out the back as long as possible without putting the first hook up at risk.
  2. Lure depth and having the lures only inches off the bottom is paramount. This can be adjusted while you are moving over different depths by moving your rod height and/or angle but also adjusting the distance the lure is back, either short or long.
  3. Sizes of the lures and colour will vary in different locations and the old rule ‘match the hatch’ is again relevant.  For our waters, hardy heads and large prawns have been schooling so lures sizes from 70mm to 100mm have been working best.  I can’t over emphasise enough the importance of upgrading terminals!!
  4. Your usual light soft plastic rigs will work well with my personal favourite being the Stradic 3000 FK, 5-8kg 7ft Raider rod, 15lb Power Pro braid and 20lb Ocea Leader
  5. Trolling for Snapper can be relaxing but keep you whits about you, as the initial hit and runs are more intense than you could imagine. Be ready to be backing down on those big girls as sometimes spools can be emptied without having a chance to even turn the reel. 


Get out there and give it a crack, you might surprise yourself!!