Shimano Sports Cam Review

Shimano Sports Cam Review

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Shimano Sports Camera Review

By Brett Mensforth

I’ve been trying out several waterproof video/still cameras lately, most of which are excellent. It’s great to be able to grab underwater shots or movies of fish near the boat, and I’ll be using more and more of these in the South Australian Angler magazine in future. GoPro had the sports camera market to itself for quite some time, but there is now plenty of opposition.

Shimano’s new CM-1000 Sport Camera is one that I’ve been playing with for several months, and there’s no doubt it’s one of the easiest to operate. Good mate, Jamie Crawford, also has one and is delighted with the video and still images he’s been getting from it.

The CM-1000 is very compact and, tipping the scales at just 86 grams, it’s a true lightweight. It comes with a F2.0 lens and a 16 megapixel back illuminated CMOS image sensor that can capture 1080p HD footage or stills. Most significantly, the camera is waterproof to 10m, making it ideal for most inshore sub-surface photography.

You can choose between two lens angles – 135 degrees and 180 degrees, both of which are pretty wide. It’s this factor that distorts the horizon and is typical of sports cameras. Still images aren’t huge (6 megapixels), but as you can see from the shots here, they are easily sharp enough to print relatively large.

Another feature that sets the Shimano apart from most of the others is its connectivity with ANT+ and WiFi devices. This means you can actually monitor images as they are being taken via your smart phone, which is very handy indeed. Most of the others simply grab video or stills that can’t be viewed until the camera is retrieved and the footage downloaded. The CM-1000 fits any GoPro mount as well, which is an added bonus.

There are loads of mounting options available for the Shimano CM-1000, including pole, cap and chest. We’ve been mounting one camera on the boat’s overhead rod rack to shoot video in the cockpit, then pole-mounting a second camera to grab underwater video and still images. With some simple editing you can combine footage from both cameras to create interesting and entertaining fishing videos.

I went on a recent snapper fishing trip with a couple of mates and decided to test out the video quality above water whilst running a downrigger with a large hard body lure for some big South Aussie reds. I tied a Halco 190mm Laser Pro on and we slowly trolled through the strike zone. The sounder lit up, but no hook up resulted, a quick check of the side scan and the school appeared to move just off to the right of us. I did a slow sweeping turn to the right and as we tracked back a school went straight under us and the rod buckled, flicked up and screamed off. Good mate Kiel grabbed the rod, I took the boat out of gear and hit ‘Auto Up’ on the downrigger and it was all systems go. A good fight on light spin gear produced a lovely snapper of 96cm. We placed the fish on ice, stopped recording on the Sports Camera and headed back in after an awesome session.

A bit of editing and some music to cover up the colourful language and I was really happy with the clarity of the video. It’s my first attempt at both recording and editing so I’ll certainly look to improve on a few areas but if you’re a real novice and have basic computer skills, or know someone that can help out with the editing, you’ll certainly love the footage that you can get from something so basic and easy to use.

I’ve been targeting mulloway on the flats lately with a good friend, Ben Harris. We’ve been scoring some pretty solid fish and pulling hooks on some pretty large specimens, which has been extremely frustrating. It’s almost always crystal clear water and provides awesome conditions to get some underwater photo’s of the fish, once subdued.

Overall I’d give this camera a 9/10 and highly recommend it to anyone that’s keen on getting cool underwater shots or under or above water video.

Many Shimano stockists around town now carry the Shimano CM-1000 camera, which would make the ideal gift for any keen angler. Retail price is somewhere around the $350 mark.

The majority of the video below was filmed on a Shimano Sports Camera by Jamie Crawford.


112cm of flats caught mulloway


A recent day out on snapper showed plenty of fish on the surface which made for some pretty spectacular viewing. A second earlier on this shot and it would have been mouth wide open as it slammed the soft plastic lure


Close up shots are always in focus


Not bad for a little palm sized camera!