Which spinning reel will you choose?

Symetre FL vs Saros FA

Symetre FL vs Saros FA

Comparing the Saros FA with the Symetre FL

For all those who enjoy light saltwater and freshwater fishing, the Saros FA and Symetre FL are reels definitely worth looking into. 

Shimano have previously released the Saros and Symetre reels in the past. However, they have both been refined with a classy and sleek cosmetic finish and a whole bag full of new features to enhance their performance ability. 

With very similar aspects to each reel and the same sizes available, which reel is going to suit you more for what you want to achieve when you are out on the water? 

Saros FA

The moment you take a glance at the Saros FA you instantly fall in love with the gun-smoke metallic black and chrome finish that the previous Saros reel didn't have. You pick the reel up and start to wind the handle to then feel the smoothness of the rotation. This is due to the X-SHIP, which is the latest technology from Shimano. X-SHIP is the new gearing which features a magnificent rotating performance, which gives you an incredible smooth retrieve. Not to mention the 5+1 bearing which also adds to the reel’s smoothness.

Some of the great features that the Saros FA consists of are the construction, which is made from the new XGT7 Graphite, which is a super strong high tech frame, rotor and side plate that provides for an exceptionally solid feel.  

We then have the Propulsion line management system, which allows for plenty of distance in your casts with a clean line lay on the spool. This is complimented by the Aerowrap II Oscillation which assists in the line lay and is driven by a worm gear.

Within the new Saros FA we have also added the micro drag clicker, which is another great option to use when fishing with light gear. You can adjust your drag just enough and very precisely by listening to the clicking sound to control how much pressure you want to put on the fish.  

The Saros FA has a different handle compared to the Symetre FL where the Saros FA handle is made from a threaded aluminum handle. The threaded aluminum handle threads into the gear and locks which reduces rigidness.

Symetre FL

The main problem anglers face when looking to buy a reel is budget. It’s hard to find a reel that can almost do everything you want it to at a low price. The Symetre FL changes all that. A reel with tournament performance and technology at an affordable price has arrived.  

The first noticeable difference you see between the Saros FA and the Symetre FL would be the size. The Symetre FL has a compact body made out of the XGT7 graphite material. This allows the reel to be lighter than the Saros FA, which means more casts with less fatigue.  The XGT7 graphite is 200% stronger than the current graphite with this latest technology greatly improving rigidity and the longevity of the reel. 

Like the Saros FA, the Symetre FL also consists of the X-SHIP, which means the new Symetre FL has increased gearing efficiency and power resulting in an ultra-light handle rotation.

The Symetre has one less bearing than the Saros however the line capacity remains the same even though the reels body is smaller. 

The Symetre FL has Varispeed II that is driven by the oscillation gear. The handle is different to the Saros FA and is a push through handle. 

Overall, the Saros FA has the Aerowrap Oscillation II which contributes in the reel getting a better line lay then the Symetre FL however the Symetre FL has the compact body which allows it to be easily held. The Saros FA has an increased bearing where as to the Symetre FL is lighter. The Saros FA has the threaded aluminium handle which improves handle rotation although the Symetre FL is slightly cheaper than the Saros FA. 

So which reel would you pick?