Versatile Fishing

Versatile Fishing


Always Have a Plan B

By Luke Galea

It’s so damn important these days to be versatile in everything we do, and fishing is no different. We have all heard the saying “poor planning equals poor performance” and trust me truer words were never spoken. How often have we gone fishing for a certain target species only to find that that species were off the bite and we had then wished we took other gear to target the other fish species that were around, perhaps unexpectedly.

For example, perhaps an angler had planned an early morning troll for Spanish Mackerel only to find they weren’t on the chew. Next minute, he stumbles upon a bommie loaded with large bottom dwellers. This may be an occasion where the heavy trolling rod would have been complemented by having a lighter jig stick available so that the angler could remain malleable and adjust to a different species and technique.

Something very similar to this happened a couple of weeks ago to myself and a couple of good mates, the plan was to head offshore with the heavy popping gear to try for a GT or at very least, a few large Queenfish. We commenced at first light, popping rocky outcrops and pressure points. We popped for a solid couple of hours at multiple promising locations but couldn’t raise a scale. Throughout this, we noticed the birds were very active and tuna schools were busting up all over the place. This was enough to tempt us and at that moment, it was decided to give up on the GT’s and chase a few tuna instead.

This was our Plan B, an unexpected Plan B at that, but we did our due diligence by packing the light to medium spin gear and a bunch of chrome lures and jigs to cover all bases, and we were not disappointed. We came prepared for such a situation. Rods consisted of 10-20lb and 15-25lb spin sticks matched with Shimano Stradic 5000FJ’s and 20lb braid. These combos were perfect for the 20-40 gram chrome slugs we were throwing.

Double hook-ups and running laps of the boat whilst trying to avoid your braid touching the braid of your mates were the norm and was easier said than done. The tuna ended up being nuggetty little long-tails, built for speed and equipped with dogged determination that never say die. It was absolutely awesome fun.

Like I said, this definitely was not the plan for the day but we were absolutely stoked with how the day turned out, with fresh sashimi on ice – the long tails saved the day for us. If we didn’t take the lighter spin rods and just remained focused on the one species, we would’ve been pigeon holed by a lack of options/alternatives and we most probably would have dough-nutted. We remained versatile, came prepared for Plan B and had a cracker.