Japanese Design JDM Rods

Japanese Design JDM Rods


Japanese Excellence

In recent years Australian anglers have started to look far and wide for fishing rods to suit their style of fishing. American and Japanese lure fishing techniques are now well established in Europe, as are the latest saltwater techniques, many of which originate from tropical waters, but work equally as well in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

To satisfy the demand of anglers looking for high quality, precision engineered rods, designed for the very latest techniques, Shimano has introduced a selected range of their very best products. These products have been designed and manufactured without compromise and in some countries have reached legendary status. These exclusive Shimano JDM rods work in perfect harmony to give you the very best fishing experience.

Grappler JDM Rods

These Japanese designed rods are aptly named, as they are perfect for grappling with any species you may encounter while jigging — from kings, samsons, amberjacks, various trevallies and dogtooth tuna, to mackerel and southern bluefin. There are five rods in the jigging series— two light micro rods for fun fishing in close, but also around trap floats, FADs and the like, and then three gruntier rods with PE 3, 4, and 5 ratings. Grapplers are built on super light, high carbon content High Power X blanks, and the componentry is top-notch — CI4+ reel seats on the light jig rods and Fuji reel seats on the rest, Fuji K series SiC guides on stainless steel frames, and custom shaped hard EVA grips, with a split grip design for the light jigging models.


Game Type J Rods

Whether you’re part of the new micro jigging scene, taking the more traditional approach of banging heavy metal on the heads of Seriola species in cooler waters, or winkling reef dwellers away from coral bommies in the tropics. There are five powerful spin rods and one overhead/baitcaster in this impressive lineup. All are of single-piece construction, rated for use with 1-3 through to 2-5 PE braid depending on the model, so they’re also extremely versatile. These high carbon blanks are incredibly light, yet super strong, which is delivered by a Spiral X and High Power inner and outer weave. Befitting their high performance status, they come fitted with Fuji K series SiC guides with stainless frames for better resistance to the unforgiving saltwater environment, Shimano high-grade reel seats, and custom-shaped hard split EVA grips for greater comfort while working a jig and then when hooked up.