Catching monster barramundi in the rain: Impoundment Barra

Wet impoundment barra

By Dylan Brier-Mills

December 2013

I believe this wet season is going to be a cracker in FNQ. Meaning the fishing can only get better from here. Some people like to just sit back on the couch and watch TV while it’s raining but I think fishing in the rain adds to the fun of our outdoor sport. This wet, one of my target fish will be Impoundment Barramundi while the Barra season is closed until the 1st of Feb 2014.

With the rain and storms around, all the lakes will be starting to fill up, creating fresh weed and grass flats for bait fish to feed on, in turn, attracting the Barra in shallow water. Over the next few months the best times to target them in the day will be just before a thunder storm and at night just before the moon rises. During the day, fish around exposed grassy points about an hour before the storm hits in water depths under 2.5m. As for the night fishing, try to find a big shallow bay or flat out of the wind as the fish will be right up in the shallows in sometimes less than 1m of water. The standard Dawn and Dusk bites will also work well up in the shallows.

My preferred way to fish the Impoundments over the next few months will be casting big surface lures and light weighted soft plastics in and around the flooded weed/grass beds. Kayak trolling will also be a go to option with paddle tailed soft plastics along deeper weed beds. While using both these techniques I will be looking for lots of life, in other words, birds feeding on bait, Boney Bream, Talapia and the likes flicking on the surface and also listening for Barra boofing.

I will also be looking out for any inflow of water or dirty water lines causing temperature changes, if lucky enough to find these I will cast or troll along the edges. Looking out for these things are key factors in finding good numbers of Barra in an Impoundment at any time of year but especially in the wet. If the rain is torrential and you have to get off the water, as soon as it stops, for about an hour after there is usually a decent bite period so get out there and straight back into it.

The gear used for these next few months in my Kayak for bigger fish will be my Usual Shimano baitcaster combos with 20lb Power Pro on each with 4ft of 80lb leader on the end. A Stradic Ci4 3000FA with 10lb Power Pro on a Gloomis Gl2 4-10lb will serve as my casting combo. This will seem a little “under gunned” to some but when casting around shallow weed and grass beds this time of year you will find a lot of fish in the 70-90cm range that push up there. Hooking them and fighting them on light gear is always great fun.

A lure that has already started to stand out from the rest when casting is the Shimano World Stage range. My favourite models in the range at the moment are the M125F-H and N125F, these are perfect for the shallows and replicate an injured Boney Bream perfectly when twitched erratically.

One of the biggest but simple’s tips for fishing the wet in Impoundments is a decent rain jacket, if you pack a decent one you will be able to fish throughout the rain all you want without worrying about getting wet, enabling you to fish to your full ability.
My other tip is just remember Barra don’t care if it’s raining, but you won’t catch them sitting on the couch and listening to the rain hitting your roof.

Written above is what I will be doing this wet and it worked well last year, different people have different opinions on how they like to fish. What I will be doing is just a few ways that will work if you are to try them. So get out there, get wet and get slimed by an Impoundment Barra.