Catching Groper: How to catch Groper

How to catch Groper


Groper is also known as Eastern Blue, Brown Groper, Red groper and Eastern Blue Groper. 
The scientific name for Gropers is Achoerodus viridis

Within Australia there are two types of Gropers. The Eastern and the Western species. Blue Gropers have an interesting life cycle. They all start up life as females and later in life they undergo sexual transition to become males. 

All the brilliant big blue fish you see are males and smaller brown/green fish are females. Australia has some tight regulations regarding catching and targeting Blue groper and exclusion zones where you can't target them, and a minimum and a maximum size limit. Make sure you check your local regulations before you go out and target these fish! 

There's not many species of fish that will bury you quicker then a big blue Groper. They are a big powerful fish and live right in next to the reef and in caves, so as soon as they take the bait, they generally turn and go right back into their home. So you need strong, reliable tackle to be able to turn their head as soon as you set the hook. 


Groper are mainly targeted by rock fisherman or by small enough boats that aren't scared enough to go in close to the rocks. The ideal bait to use for Gropers are those that you find where you are fishing, such as crabs, prawns, cunji and other shellfish.

Targeting Groper 

You can find Groper almost on any rock ledges along the coastline. Look for places with reef, crabs, cunji. Generally places you find drummer and blackfish you will also find Groper.

Gear to use 

As Groper are a STRONG fighting fish, quality gear is a must when chasing these fish. 

Here are some great options of Reels+Rods to choose from:

Budget gear: Socorro 6000-8000F spooled with 40-60lb Power Pro braid
Beastmaster 153 Surf

Medium gear: Aerlex XSA spooled with 40-60lb Power Pro braid or 30-50kg Mono
Aerowave Graphite Surf 1303P

Higher gear: Ultegra CI4+ spooled with 40-60lb Power Pro braid or 30-50kg Mono
Revolution Coastal 1202 Spin or 1302 Spin