GT Popping Under the Cover of Darkness

GT Popping Under the Cover of Darkness


GT Popping Under the Cover of Darkness

By Ben Jones

As the sun slowly slides over the horizon, a nervous energy starts to build from within. Tonight we are going out to battle and our playing field is the ocean, there are no flood lights here, just the large silver dish in the night sky. As we cross the bay in glassy conditions, nerves start to grow even more as the thoughts of what you’re about to do battle with are becoming real. See, these beasts of the dark can destroy you in a matter of seconds, they can have you aching and can leave your ego battered and bruised! We are going to do battle with one of the toughest that swims… the GT's.

As that first cast gets sent out across the clear night sky, you can still make out the silhouette of the popper. The white splash of the popper being pushed through the water can still be seen…just.  Your hearing is more in tune, as you wait for that all too familiar sound of a monster GT engulfing your popper, the legs start to brace so that if you get hit, you don't get sent over the edge of the cast deck. Then BOOM!! Like an explosion from a grenade, the water parts and the battle begins! What happens next is somewhat in your control, knots, tackle, technique and part luck, is he swimming past the razor like reef or is a taxman on his tail.

By reading this, I hope to put you in a position by where your taking care of what you can control so you got a fighting chance of landing that fish of a lifetime under the cover of darkness.

Do your research before you head out at night.  Hit the water during the day a couple of times, and pinpoint the ledges, pinnacles and pressure edges where you think the GTs will be. Finding bait is essential as this will be a key when sounding at night as you won't have the visual. Try and put a solid mental image of what your going to be fishing, even try and close your eyes while you there and really get a feel for your surroundings, picturing where and how the current will hit the edges of the structure. Again, you won't have the visual aspect that you would during the day.

Approaching night fishing for GTs is very similar to the day. Have your drift lines set, with big long casts and work the popper all the way to the boat, and I mean all the way. There is only one thing scarier than having a GT hit you right at the boat and that is having it happen at night. Using large poppers between 125-250g are what I find best. The bigger the splash the better, and don't be afraid to pause and extend the pause. So many hits happen on a long pause after the GT has been watching…listening…and honed in on its target.

Standard extra heavy duty rods, reels, line, leader and terminal are still recommended for battling these beasts at night, nothing changes there, just be sure to have this organised before you head out. It is much easier (and quicker) to do it in the comfort of your home under lights than rocking around in the dark under a headlamp when shit is going off on a hot bite!


Also make sure there is very little clutter in the boat, and take the time to keep it that way during the session. This will allow for a cleaner fight and saves you and your gear being broken. Always wear or have at hands reliable, bright headlamp for each of your crew. This becomes very handy if you’re lucky enough to get the fish boat side.

So there you go, if your wanting to mess with these silver beasts, there is no better time than under the cover of darkness. Put in the preparation, map out your journey as if you could do it with a blindfold over your eyes and please take all the necessary precautions to make it a safe trip and hopefully you too can get railed on a slab of silver freight train.