The Run-off, South Coast Style

The Run-off, South Coast Style


Fishing the Run-off, South Coast Style

By Jason Mayberry

After the recent rain fall experienced on the south coast of NSW this Autumn, I had to get out on my local to try in the conditions Mother Nature had presented. On arrival at the ramp, the water was about 50cm higher than it normally is, with evidence that it was higher and had receded about a foot. The colour was also a lovely coffee colour. 

I headed to a spot that I have previously had success in similar conditions. In this case I fished around some islands which have rocky outcrops, cockle beds and weed beds.

I sat the boat in about 3m casting to the edge. The sounder had signs of bait patches from the get go and first cast with the ever reliable 100mm bloodworm wriggler, rigged on a 2g ball head jig head with a liberal smearing of SFactor I boated a legal Bream. Soon after a elbow slapping whiting and a couple of flathead joined the bream in the live well. Great start to the day. I proceeded to gradually move shallower and the bite only improved. Bream was the order of this edge and as the bottom structure increased, I went to a lighter presentation until I eventually tied on s shallow running crank bait. The size definitely started to reduce the shallower I got with plenty of small tailor making short work of any soft plastic that hit the water.

I decided to push wider again and went back to the old faithful wriggler. It wasn't long before I got the smallest tap and as I struck, line started to peel off the Rarenium 2500. This was to be the fish of the day and after a lengthy fight the net was placed under a very healthy 41cm fork length Bream.

This was to mark the end of the bite period for this spot on this day. The best 5 I guess would have pulled the scales down to at least 4.5kg.

It just proves that there may never be too much rain. I know next time we get 200mm+ I will be heading out to hopefully have another session like this one.